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I have an Rockwell Compound Slide Rest for my Delta heavy duty lathe and would like some suggestions and direction about cutters and techniques to do mostly precise wood milling and maybe some soft metals with it. I would do away with that particular center post tool mount, unless you have ALL the cutters and holders that go with it.
6.25 Buy It These publications include old catalogs manuals parts list and historical 08 23 2014 1965 Lathes Rockwell Delta xlvi 840 Sir Henry Wood Turning Duplicator 10.
Fix your Delta Lathe today with parts diagrams accessories and amend advice from eReplacement Parts 46 one hundred ten case 1 Delta 10 woods Lathe Parts. So not only is the screw holding it down, the sides of the bar are holding it in, and changing shapes of cutter within a given tool - ain't happening. The Multi Tip Hollowing Tool (RS200KT) is our recommendation for those who wish to take their first steps in hollowing and those working on projects of 6” and under. The Hollow Roller™ Torque Arrestor tool rest (which attaches to the lathe through the user’s existing banjo), an auxiliary height adjustable tool rest, the Carter Artisan Series 175 quick lock tool handle and the unique profile Hollow Roller™ boring bar with high speed steel scraper bit. When laid on the tool rest, this gives ample support to prevent the tool being turned over by the rotation of the wood. This cutter slices through the wood rather than scraping and the clever design allows the shavings to clear without clogging.
This gives the purchaser a high quality tool handle for use outside of the Hollow Roller™ system. After I had come up with this idea, I saw a virtually identical arm brace in a GMC publication on tips for wood turners. A plasma bonded Titanium Nitride (TiN) finish layered over traditional triple tempered High Speed Steel (HSS) provides the perfect combination for tool longevity and edge retention.
In tests the TiN coating outperforms the hardest wearing steel tools and will even better tungsten carbide. I hope you have all the components of that tool post , otherwise you can't set tool height correctly.People seem to lose the shaped base which is used for altering tool height.
As Phillip says, there should be a half moon insert in the tool post below the tool holder which allows for adjustment of the cutter height.

07 XX 2014 1956 universal parentage Catalogs Delta Rockwell Industrial Power Tools eleven 07 rockwell wood lathe parts 2013 1994 Lathes 46 700 Delta 12x36 VS Wood Lathe & 46 705 Stand. Matches i xx of thirty-eight The I rank to recover new & victimised Wood Lathes for Wood lathes maneuver by rotating Sir Henry Wood parts on spindles allowing you to shape then. The Carter Accuright Series 175 quick lock tool handle, which comes with the system, also has the added benefit of allowing the use of other tools like gouges and scrapers. Bill Jones, the third generation English turner, is a strong advocate of the tool especially in small spindle turnings. It has a cutter system that slices through the wood rather than scraping and the clever design allows the shavings to clear without clogging. England Robert Sorby's Excelsior tool range has been designed with the connoisseur woodturner and those who regularly turn hard woods in mind. Excelsior tools' cutting edge weigh in at an impressive Rockwell hardness equivalent of 80. I'm not a wood turner (yet) but as Randy says for precise cuts you may want to also make a simple follower rest that mounts to the lathe carriage & follows behind the cutting tool so pressure can't flex the work piece.
This is a ruggedly designed machine for turning wood, plastics and non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, brass and copper. The patent pending made in the USA Hollow Roller™ system is a captive bar tool for safely turning hollow forms and bowls.
This excellent turner had designed a tool for general faceplate turning that could be easily made in the home shop and encouraged others to do so. They will outlast standard tools by four times - more than a match for popular cryogenically treated and powdered metal turning tools. I would think in most cases for wood you will want the cutting tools to have a positive rake (also for brass & aluminum). But this would make an awesome lathe for someone who is looking for more than just Turning plugs. Wood turners are tool "junkies." There is the dream that given the perfect tool we will make the prefect cut.

It incorporates a fully sealed bearing lubrication free roller system that eliminates drag on the bar, thus enabling a smoother flowing motion to all tool movements.
This is particularly effective when working with extremely hard and abrasive woods or when cutting through knotted burrs.
The tool post that you have is just fine unless you are going to do a lot of repetitive pieces changing to different cutting tools often then the quick change tool post is very handy. Despite now having a tool named after him, he is known for being the anti mass produced tool dude. Some time ago the lack of cash and need for a bowl gouge reminded me of an article I had read in American Woodturner Magazine about Knud Oland. While the normal set of hollowing tools works for smaller forms, I like to use a set with an arm brace for larger ones. Of course that implies that we also need 20 years of practice with that perfect tool, just like Gee Whiz has, but that will not stop us from getting the tool. I got the large Easy Wood rougher last year as a gift and didn't use it much until I got the wacky idea of turning MDF domes. I also considered that an articulated hollowing tool would let me reach some otherwise awkward places.
Knowing that some people like to carve on turnings or would like to start, I took photos of the process. These Patent Pending tools allow any skill level to achieve professional results for hollowing work with minimum effort and worry. To make most tools you need to be able to turn a handle, drill a hole, cut a piece of steel, tap the hole in the steel, and put it all together.

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