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This portable  wood-fired oven heats up quickly (in just 10 minutes), and is capable of pumping out nearly 30 pizza pies every hour – making it perfect for pizza parties as well. This Outdoor Wood Fired Oven is designed to cook 1 16" artisan pizza, many loaves of hearth baked French bread, or your favorite roasted meats and vegetables. OutdoorPizzaOvens.ca is home to one of Canada's largest selection of gourmet wood fired pizza ovens and gas fired pizza ovens.
We carry high end commercial pizza ovens, residential pizza ovens and outdoor wood fired ovens.

Our outdoor wood fired ovens were designed because a Mechanical Engineer, specializing in Heat Transfer and Thermodynamics was hungry for pizza with that distinctive crisp crust, and real hearth baked breads. Our oven is not simply an insulated brick structure, the heart of our oven is structural insulation that has been sheathed in split firebrick and some steel on the inside, and sheathed with brick veneer on the outside. He did not want to redesign his kitchen, he did not want to build a new patio, he wanted an outdoor wood fired oven he could place in his back yard and move around as required. Using a blend of modern as well as traditional materials, our Outdoor Wood Fired Ovens are well insulated, retain enough heat to produce the distinctive New York Style Pizza crust and create excellent oven spring on breads, they are shippable, and they are portable.

An optional steel oven cart is available.Recommended cooking temperature is between 500 and 800 degrees F.

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