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Here you have it, a wall to wall, all inclusive slatted headboard and floating platform bed that started out as a sketch on a piece of paper. The following columns include getting the wood ready, on the wall, adding tables and reading lamps and constructing the floating platform bed.
Easy to build diy platform bed designs – decoist, With three different styles to choose from — contemporary, traditional or simply functional — the platform bed adds a simplistic touch to your bedroom.. Cheap, easy, low-waste platform bed plans instructable, Intro: cheap, easy, low-waste platform bed plans. And a big thanks to our friend Jay at Jay’s Custom Creations, we also have a FREE Printable Plan for you  Just click the image below or HERE to print them! Don’t forget to check out the headboard plans HERE and if you like the wall color in his room (I’m obsessed!) you can read about it HERE!
I built a King Platform bed from your Plans and I couldn’t be happier how it came out. My suggestion for anyone building the king size is to make sure you assemble it in the room you plan to use it. My husband and I would love to build this bed but add drawers underneath, any recommendations.

After constructing this bed and reading some of the comments, I think if you included dimensions, instead of leaving it to a lot of guess work, the project would not be so challenging for some folks.
I am new to diy, but I’m looking for easy projects to take on to save money for when me and my boyfriend get our own place. As a furniture salesperson, I highly recommend that you add center feet to the center bar of this bed.
Typically in these plans when blue prints call for a 10 foot board when nothing about the piece is over 8 foot (the typical length of boards most would buy) is because it’s more cost effective. My husband built this bed yesterday afternoon and we are super excited about how it turned out. So I’m pretty good at following directions and I think I could put the bed together but not so much for figuring out the plans. Yes I too would love if you could post the dimensions for the King size, I know nothing about building but if I had the plans to give my husband then he could do it for us, thank you!
We want a perfect bed and this thought was not going to be fulfilled in any way for a long time due to shortage of money. We have prepared a long pallet wood platform and made the mattress frame at the mid, the increased space on all side of the bed can be customized for a lot more utility purposes out of it.

I saw a platform bed in a West Elm catalog and loved how chunky the base and platform were, so that was my inspiration and I built it for about $55!!! I have received a lot of questions about the quilt on his bed, it is from Pottery Barn Teen but, I bought it a couple of years ago so I’m not sure that it is still available.
I am about to start on this platform for my Cal King and just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something here.
My boyfriend and I absolutely LOVE this bed frame and headboard and are going to build it next week!
So while surfing the internet we found this DIY pallet platform bed with headboard for our bedroom and it charged us for just the mattress. We did this DIY pallet project very easily and also provided it a charming DIY pallet headboard for an eyeful and tasteful layout. Two adults, weight of mattress and bedding, easily reaches 400-500lbs for 6-9 hours a night.

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