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Always allow for the unexpected storage needs as well (our breadbox ended up on a pullout in our pantry when we discovered it was just too large to keep out on the counter, and the larger than my typical size box of rice that was on sale for less than the smaller one is stored on it's side so it will clear the pullout above). Our non-pullout shelves are moveable and it took me a lttle bit of time to get them positioned where I wanted them. I do like to stack two cans when I'm able, and I measured the diameter of my widest cans to get the side shelves the way I want them.
I also wanted to store some stuff on the floor of the pantry, so I made sure the bottom shelf was far enough off the ground to accommodate those things.
One more thing, the light in my pantry is connected to the door so when I open the door, the light automatically comes on, and goes off when I close it. If the side standards won't work, you can put standards on the back wall and use adjustable supports for shelves up to 12 or 15" deep.
If you can possibly use adjustable shelving, be SURE to have two or three extra shelves prepared. When you look at pictures of pantries in use, notice how much space is wasted at the tops of shelves.
Since we were constructing this pantry, we could customize it to fit our needs.   I measured the width and height of everything I wanted to store in here. We offer drawers in two different depths front to back, three widths and three depths top to bottom. We offer seven hardware finishes, seven melamine finishes and 16 specialty drawer hardware styles for our closet and pantry systems.
Closets: Slide Out Belt Rack, Slide Out Tie Rack, Slide Out Valet Pole, Tilt Out Laundry Hamper, Handle and Knob Upgrades, Slide on Shelf Dividers, Hosiery Drawer Dividers, Slanted Shoe Shelves, Drawer Divider, Velvet Jewlry Tray, Slide Out Baskets, Custom Doors, Custom Islands, Custom Benches and Crown Molding.

Pantries: Slide Out Spice Racks, Slide Out Rattan Baskets, Beech Drawers Wine Racks, Stemware Holders, Tray Dividers and Crown Molding. Chestnut Walk-In Closet Features include: slanted shoe shelving, double hanging, tilt-out laundry hamper with drawer, regular shelving, standard drawer unit, slide out chrome baskets, short hanging, adjustable shoe shelving, wrap around top shelf, and crown molding. White Walk-In Closet Features include: shelving with slide out chrome baskets, double hanging, tall hanging, double hutch drawer unit, tilt-out laundry hamper with drawer, shoe shelving and wrap around top shelf.
Cherry Walk-In Closet with Island Features include: center island, shoe shelving, tilt-out laundry hamper with drawer, short hanging, tall hanging, double hutch drawer unit, double hanging, and regular shelving. White Walk-In Closet with Sloped Ceiling Features include: tilt-out laundry hamper with drawer,standard drawer unit, tall hanging, double hanging, shoe shelving with slide out white basket and standard shelving.
Candlelight Walk-In Closet Features include: tilt-out laundry hamper with drawer, slanted shoe shelving, tall hanging, double hutch drawer unit, wrap around top shelf, and crown molding. Light Maple Reach-In Closet Features include: tall hanging, regular shelving, standard draw unit with shoe shelving, tilt-out laundry hamper with drawer, and double hanging. Light Maple Reach-In Closet with Hutching Features include: double hanging, hutch drawer unit, and short hanging with shelving above. White Reach-In Pantry Features include: tray dividers, wine rack, stemware holders, beech drawers, slide out rattan basket, and regular shelving. White Walk-In Pantry Features include: regular shelving, slide out white baskets, slide out drawers, and corner shelving.
Awesome new pantry shelving diagrams in the just released COMPLETE PANTRY DESIGN GUIDEBOOK: Exceptional Pantry Designs, Building, & Management Advice + OVER 200 PHOTOS!
If your shelves are shallow or you have pull-outs for easy access to the back, you won't need much clearance for height.

You just have to start trying things out with the shelves in cetain positions, and move them up or down until you're happy with the storage capacity (and reachability) that the shelf spacing(s) allow. They also make it easier to move things when I need to re-organize the shelves when something new comes in. We can design hanging, floor mounted, hutch, bench or island drawer units to suit your storage needs! If your shelves are fixed and deeper, you'll need a bit more clearance to access items stored at the back without having to remove things from the front.
Ugghhh!   I went to Lowes to see if they had one that would match – they didn’t.   Darn, Darn, Darn – so close to getting  a real pantry. I then laminate them with self laminating sheets that I buy at the office supply store.   This way they last longer and can be wiped clean. It sounds like your carpenter is doing custom work, so you should be able to place your shelves at whichever distances work for you. I made sure I could reach at least the bottom of whatever I stored on the top shelf (I'm 5'3") and I store mostly light tall things up there. We took the door from our bedroom closet – that matched and hung it here in the pantry and put the new door on the bedroom closet.

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