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If your wood-paneled walls seem dark and dated, painting is a great way to brighten them up.
The truth is that, regardless of whether yours is solid or veneer, it’s pretty easy to paint wood paneling. Once you are done, stand back to admire the difference painted wood paneling can make in a room!
Next, you need to use a product like ESP, which will change the chemical composition of the varnish or urethane that was originally applied to your wood as a protective coating, so that your new oil-based stain will adhere to the wood.
Painting over beautiful wide, smooth walnut or rosewood paneling should be prohibited, but the old standard knotty pine, when used on several walls in a small room, screams for some paint. But I will cover that (and the subsequent painting) in the next post (update: check out the priming and painting process here!). So long as your paneling has stayed in decent condition over the years, perhaps the least expensive way forward is to leave the paneling in place and paint over it.
By lightening up your dark paneling, you will be able to coordinate your room with today's styles, fabrics, tile, carpets, draperies, and more. Note that while it’s not strictly necessary to do so, you can have the primer tinted to match the shade you eventually plan to paint the wood paneling. So, inspired by ideas I saw on Young House Love, among others, I decided to brighten the playroom and add some color by painting all this paneling.
First, I got the room ready for painting by putting down a plastic tarp over the tan carpet.
In a room with wood-paneled walls—particularly if that wood is a veneer—your instinct may be to start fresh, either by tearing out the paneling or by concealing it behind drywall.

That may be easier said than done, partly because solid-wood paneling so often has knots, the kind that appear invincible to paint coverage and leave the well-intentioned homeowner feeling a bit trigger-shy.
Having finished scuffing the full width and height of the paneling to be painted, you can then move on to giving the surface its initial coat of primer. This chapter will show you how to take a dark stained wood or processed paneling of years gone by and bring back its beauty by lightening up its color. Ann-Marie KingI am forever confounded by folks' issue with paneling, when paint or stain can quickly update and freshen the look of even the most dated 70's pickled pine.
Just as often, there’s a wax or varnish to deal with, and do-it-yourselfers know that sanding can be not only taxing, but really messy. We had wood paneling all over our house but ended up having to rip it all out and drywall because it was so gross and old!! This was more about me wanting to take on this challenge and try out something I haven’t done before, than needing to hide the inherent texture of the wood. All of this without the extraordinary expense of tearing out the wood and starting from scratch! And you can see below that the walls were covered in knotty-pine wood paneling and the window frames were unfinished wood. Because the paneling had a coat of varnish over it, I also lightly sanded the non-spackled areas of the walls to help rough up the surface a bit, then wiped down the walls so that they were free of sawdust. Our wood paneling is in good condition, so it wouldn’t have been worth tearing out, especially for this small space. I just realized this year that knots are in wood, because that’s where a branch originally came out of the tree.

I like the look of painted wood paneling (of course!), but it is a pretty time-consuming project.
I prefer Zinsser’s (for solid wood, use a water-based product; for veneer, use a shellac-based one). This will allow you to keep your wonderful wood texture and grain but bring the color tone of the wood into the 1990s and beyond.
Betsy FulmerI have been struggling with the idea of painting over my knotty pine paneling for 20 years now. The prep work for paint jobs is probably my least favorite part of the painting process, but it’s a really important step to making sure the final result is long-lasting. Once my oldest was able to catch a breath I was told they saw scary seal faces peering out at them from the wood.
Betsy FulmerMy husband had given me the go ahead on painting the knotty pine about 6 months ago. I am just not a fan of the old knotty pine paneling -- too much of it when I was growing up I guess - even painting it doesn't work for me .
Wood paneling is fine for some, but this particular paneling was causing an issue in my house.

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