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The Damascus Old Mill, being a former grist mill refurbished into a restaurant and inn, features some beautiful and amazing architecture. Custom woodwork is featured throughout the Old Mill, from locals and Appalachian Trail hikers over the years. On the walls are relics from the original grist mill, most notably original mill sacks for the sale of the mill’s home ground grains. The most prominent features on the walls of the Damascus Old Mill are original paintings created by local artist and Appalachian Trail hiker Abbie Cashman.
Each painting depicts a historical place in the Damascus area and are painted on original Old Mill roofing tin.

Whether it is the formality of mahogany or the rugged familiarity of old lumber, solid wood doors add timeless beauty to any home. We are happy to say that many of our sales come from repeat customers, or customers referred to us by other customers. The grounds of the Old Mill hold many wonders of the history of the Old Mill, and offer many wonderful views. Combined with the glass design of your choice, we offer our customers an opportunity to make their entry a unique statement of their own personal taste. Wood Based Panel Woodworking simplified project will now be in sequence again striking fireplaced with LED flashlight’s electrical wires.

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