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The coffee table has a 38 inch diameter and features a clear beveled glass top inset in a wooden framer.
Folding coffee table will be proper selection for urban, modern and contemporary home interior style.
You can extend the shape for larger of table for more people if they decide to join with you. If you plan to get durable table for coffee, you can go for wicker table as the main option.

It is also functional furniture when you want to move the coffee table for another comfortable are around the house and have a good time on that spot. If you have little guests for coffee time, you can just arrange the table shape in regular shape for intimate area of conversation. This color will make your coffee table stand out from other furniture and will bring a nice touch to your living room. To bring in a new and stylish look to your house the blue coffee table should be your choice.

When you deal with this coffee table design, it means that you are ready to put yourself on many variant of tables.

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