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Marking your cuts is an essential step in woodworking, and there are a variety of tools for any job from simple pencils to complex marking knives. If you are going to work wood using hand tools, then all of the traditional marking tools are essential. Combinations of these tools can make things easier, usually a pencil and a marking knife to make these mortise cuts more visible.
Recently, whilst reading a well-known British author’s book, I was surprised to find that he sharpened the spur on a marking gauge so that it had a knife edge. For woodworking to go well, marking out must be done well and that means using the right tools.
A marking knife can consistently produce a very fine, precise line better than a pencil can.
Unlike most knives, a marking knife is beveled on only one side; the other side is flat, as shown below. In the photo below, note that the craft knife blade is touching the blade of the steel square, which can feel like you are making an accurate mark, but there is actually a gap between the tip of the blade and the square, which is created by the bevel on that side of the knife. This pitfall can be solved with by placing the flat side of a true marking knife against the square but only if it is done properly.

The flat side of the marking knife can also be held perfectly flat against the square but this is somewhat difficult to perceive accurately, and so I recommend the allowance for error described above.
A scriber is of little use in marking across the grain of the wood where it tears the fibers and thus makes a fuzzy line. Like most everything else in woodworking and craft, these seemingly simple woodworking marking tools have subtle refinements. Marking knives, scribers and pencils, like all woodworking tools, have proper roles and must be understood to be used effectively. What’s more, the knife line can act as a physical demarcation, especially across the grain of the wood, which provides a registration for subsequent tools. Sometimes the situation must be reversed, so you could have a right and left pair of knives or you could use a V-point marking knife like the one on the left, which will work both ways. When marking against wood, however, you have to avoid cutting into it, so I suggest keeping the knife dead flat against the wood, which will typically be much taller than a square and thus afford more tactile registration. Further, when marking out pins from tails, a scriber virtually eliminates any tendency to cut into the reference wood. Once understood, however, the work is very doable, so get started woodworking and making things!

If you are going to work wood using machine tools, they are largely redundant because they are replaced by fences, guides and stops of one sort or another. For example, the marking knife is used in conjunction with a try square to knife shoulder lines.
For example, the knife line defining a tenon shoulder acts as a stop when forming a V groove into which the tooth line of a crosscut backsaw can be placed to start the cut.
The reference is most often a steel square or rule but can also be the edge of wood, such as in marking dovetail pins from the tails. This type is especially handy for laying out dovetail pins because marking must be done from both sides of the tails.
The knife of a cutting gauge is flat on one side with a sharpening bevel on the other side, making it the proper tool for this task — it will resist the influence of the grain.
The line has considerable thickness so the accuracy offered by the other marking tools is not achieved.

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