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Our Luxury Wicker Dog crate is constructed with a classic American Craftsman design utilizing solid wood frame construction and Rhino Wicker (resin) inset panels. This dog crate features stylish durability, solid wood frame, rubbed bronze door, and side vents that complement any home decor. Keep your dog safe while walking with our adjustable dog harnesses, soft mesh dog harnesses, and step in dog harnesses. Product LineDedicated to providing designer quality and style in which you can find the perfect dog bed, dog blanket, dog feeder, dog toy box , custom crate cover, treat jars, dog stairs, custom fabric creation, celebrity dog mansion, dog apparel, and more!The quality that you will find is unsurpassed. Don't be fooled by look-a-like products that simply don't hold up, fall apart or lose their integrity in a few months.Beyond The Crate Blog - Please visit our pet blog! The padded feet will protect your floors while the easy to open finger latches still keeps this crate secure.

Give your pet the chance to sleep comfortably in a polka dot pet bed, pet tent shelter, round dog crate, or even a bungalow dog house.
It is designed to be used as designer dog furniture as well as a stylish end table so that it blends in with other furniture instead of standing out like a traditional crate.
Find anything you may want for your dogs needs such as pet fountains, pet feeders, and lightweight pet beds. Our designer pet den and dog crate furniture makes for unique dog beds that double as functional, attractive tables to fit your home decor. Only one of these in existence!Beyond The Crate is a premier Internet source for unique dog furnishings. Well, in this case the writer would like to share about these crates design which can inspire you.There are so many concept designs of dog crates in this world.

No more dog crate covers, these round dog beds are sturdy end tables attractively designed to function as small dog beds and dog cages, making for stylish designer dog furniture that doubles as human furniture, too.
Among the best online pet beds you can find, our fancy dog beds work as a dog crate and end table equally well, solving the problem of unsightly pet beds in your personal space. The other sampe of dog crate showed in the picture has simple red design.You may like to have an open crate concept.

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