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An easy summer project to do by yourself or with the kids is to dye wood clothespins with RIT. To get started, you'll need a plastic bucket (I use an ice cream bucket), a package of RIT dye in your desired color (powder or liquid), about 2 dozen wood clothespins, brown kraft grocery bag, paint stirrer or metal spoon. Wow I had no idea you could dye wood, love the way it turned out can’t wait to try it, I would love to win the free dye!
So I did a time trial to document what variance i might get with each dye as a reference for future projects.
Rit Liquid Dye - Black does not have much of a range, it goes from a dark tan to maybe a walnut at hour 2-4, then very slight shifts of darker black from there on. Rit Liquid Dye - Scarlet this is a nice red, a little dark and a little low on saturation, so its not spot on, but it is close to the "fire engine" red that iv been looking for,.

Rit Liquid Dye - Tangerine Very gradual progression, especially after 3 hours, though you can go as long as 12 hours and get an even darker orange if you wish. Rit Liquid Dye - Dark Green has a very good range with a good amount of difference between hours, i may re do this one with 12 chips as you can take this color way darker than 9 shows.
Rit Liquid Dye - Cherry Red this red takes a really long time to saturate, in the first 4 hours really all you get is a grey with a few red highlights, after 5-6 hours the red starts to take hold but the dark grey continues to darken as well. For my wedding invitations, I printed a faded engagement picture on vellum… could be very interesting against colored wood. I would love to win – I have the perfect project in mind to use the RIT on and I learned about it on your blog! Your projects are so inspirational and this one is adorable your little man is so very cute and what a unique way to upcycle scraps and create a beautiful home piece I would love to be in with a chance to win the dye and perhaps have a go at this myself.

Everyone at camp tye-dyed every week, and there’s really only so many tye-dye t shirts a girl needs– so on a whim, I tried dying a piece of scrap wood and had about as much fun as you did on this project! Dying was done at 130 deg f, in a double boiler crock pot set to low, dye and chips where placed in a sealed ziplock and then left in the double boiler water, agitation was done every 1 hour when a chip was taken out. I’d love to win and try it out (and 25 bottles of dye sounds like a dream come true!). I've seen a lot of experiments with this dye on a variety of plastic, but yours is already the most complete comparison and reference.

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