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A fantastic Mediterranean Custom Garage Door, this Alder Garage Door is perfectly accentuated with beefy hand-forged hinge straps and iron forged handles. See Our Doors in New York City:Clingerman Doors featured on high condominium in New York City. Paired with old-world decorative iron features as seen on this customized Mediterranean garage door make this custom garage door a naturally feature that flows well with the rest of the entry doors on this Mediterranean home. Garage doors often make a first impression of your home or garage so why not design your own garage door to add beauty and value. But, there are plenty of folks who are experiencing some pretty chilly temperatures this year, despite global warming, and one of the worst places affected is the garage. That's why Ford moved their corrosion lab to AZ because in Northern states the cars would not rust below freezing temps.

Just know that you're going to need a lot of wood.He measured the the length of the vertical and horizontal bars, making sure that his new wooden pieces matched the original measurements exactly. Garage door frames are also available if required, these usually are supplied in the same timber as your garage doors i.e. He starts placing and installing each section from the bottom up.Remember, he is using all of the same hardware (screws, springs, bolts, hinges) that came with the original door so he doesn't mess anything up. All the doors below are supplied pre-beaded, so no fiddling around searching for a source of glazing beads or getting messy with putty. All the garage doors below are ready for glazing and the supplied with the glazing bead pre-fitted (no cutting!). Please note that we do not supply garage door frames unless we are manufacturing you some garage doors.

No problem, please get in touch with your requirements!Customer feedbackI received my garage doors a few weeks ago, and installed them yesterday. Well all of our garage doors are based on a through, wedged morticed and tenon jointed frame – we make them to last!

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