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I am terribly in love with every room of this dollhouse-furnished-with-stuff-around-the-house. Oh gosh, when I looked in that dollhouse and saw all the dust-covered furniture I had made, I was flabbergasted. Please do not use images or content from this blog without crediting back to The Decorated Cookie. Cardboard is a fun and easy to find materials that can be used for the manufacture of home furniture dolls. Directions for make a bed for dollhouse using a cardboard box: 1) Choose a small flat cardboard box that is large enough to fit the doll lying. This DIY dollhouse furniture and other accoutrements make me feel totally less nerdy about my preteen creations. I’ve been trying to find someone to take the dollhouse Julia and I refinished from an estate sale, she never plays with it.

I never even had any dolls for it, but you can be we had teensy food and books and carpets and anything else we dreamed up when we were girls.
She’s making the couch and bed and everything from pieces of cardboard and old fabric.
For example, a box of tea standing can make a big refrigerator or cupboard for the dollhouse.
I hadn’t looked at the dollhouse in 20 years, evidenced by the layer of dust covering every inch of the inside. My six year old and I have taken on the task of painting (done, a true mutual effort, though picture me as Monica from that Friends episode where she yelled at Phoebe for messing up her dollhouse. It’s so much fun to see what kind of imagination a simple enough toy like a dollhouse inspires! We also have another dollhouse in-the-style-of Victorian only smaller that we got at a yard sale.

For more dolls, as Barbies, you may have difficulty finding large enough boxes for furniture.
We never did get around to painting that dollhouse (way to neglect your kids, mom… oh right, single mother of three who worked full time, fair enough). Make sure that the pieces of cardboard are completely clean and empty, and free of any clips before using them to make the home furniture.
I used to bike over there with my brother and sister and marvel at all of the way-too-expensive-to-ever-own dollhouse furniture, displayed in dioramas of finished rooms the whole length of the shop wall. But most of the furniture was handcrafted by a younger, preteen me.

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