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If your books and photographs are still displayed on a couple of boards held up by a pile of bricks, here's some good news: It doesn't require a master carpenter, a workshop full of tools, and thousands of dollars to add built-in bookcases to your home. Figure around $200 for the entire stock list. Smaller bookcases will of course be cheaper, but this is about as large as you'd want to go, so we're giving a worst-case scenario here. Note, however, that this is still $200 cheaper than the next best solid oak candidate. A bookcase is basically a five-sided box with the front part open, so to begin constructing one, first cut the pieces for the first four sides. A bookcase can do double duty, both holding books and knick knacks along with serving as a room divider or even a makeshift end table or nightstand.  Listed before are some tips to help simplify the process.

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