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Because I have to run at least one length of pipe through the rafters to keep the floor clear, I'm designing the system with one run against the wall of the garage (where there will be two tool ports) and another run up and over the rafters (where there will be another two drops for additional tools). 2) Many feel that using PVC pipe can increase the likelihood of a static induced dust fire. From what I know, I would recommend the majority of your system be composed of 4" metal duct which has been grounded. This may lead to a build up of dust in the duct work in these sections and you will lose efficiency.

The start up blast gates are cool I would get as many of them as you need will make your life soooo much easier and keep system performance up as you can't forget to close the gate on the last machine you just used. So while it seems counter intuitive, a larger diameter ( too large) will not carry as much dust to your collector as a smaller pipe. If the dust stream is in a properly grounded metal duct, this charge will be dissipated constantly. There will also be issues where you transition back to the 4" port on the collection unit.

A non-conductive duct can allow a charge to build up, and initiate an internal spark which could ignite the dust.
My first reaction is this is not a good idea unless you have a dust collection machine that is much more powerful and has a 6" inlet then you could have more blast gates open without affecting performance but this is a very small machine.

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