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Rather than moving items around your home to see what fits where you can use free webapp The Make Room from Urban Barn to layout hundreds of pieces of furniture, rugs, and other items.
The software is created by Icovia and is licensed out to many furniture stores such as Thomasville, Ashley, and Furniture Find but the Urban Barn implementation of their 2-d room planning software seems to have the most features and least hassle. Homestyler Interior Design: a handy app that lets you take a photo of your space to create a virtual room to try different colors and products on your tablet. One of the aspects I find the most exhausting is physically visiting each space and trying to imagine how my own furniture would work in the potential space.

Create a digital version of the floor plan using a floor planning app, including rooms I can manipulate. This one is backed by a retail store, which means that they encourage you to use their furniture forms but there are also many standard furniture forms to use.
The free iPad app allows users to develop furniture layouts for any existing environment, thanks to revolutionary visualization and simple specification tools. The app also allows users to move Allsteel furnishings around within the space, change materials, color combinations and finishes, and produce unlimited high-resolution photo-realistic renderings within seconds.

The KITS Mobile App also comes with a number of standard space templates and sample projects for quick familiarization.
Selected furnishings are dragged and dropped into place, and the app uses a series of advanced algorithms to effectively determine the geometric ground plane, sizing each item appropriately as it is positioned in the environment.

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