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Forrest's Duraline tenoning blade is perfect for use in a tenoning jig in the tradition of Forrest's Woodworker II line.
The general purpose Woodworker-II gets top scores in virtually every comparison test because its superior materials and workmanship combined with proven geometry produce super-smooth cuts for both ripping and crosscutting. Try this Woodworker II Premium Carbide Tipped Saw Blade 12" x 40T, .125" Kerf x 1" Bore, ATB.

Forrest's Ultra Woodworker II Thin-Kerf Blade converts under-powered table saws to give them enough power to cut through most any hardwood.
If high quality local sharpening is not available, Forrest recommends returning your blades to Forrest to be sharpened to maintain ideal sharpness and tooth geometry. This is the hard-to-find customized version of the Woodworker-II that cuts nearly flat-bottomed grooves. Meanwhile, a thin-kerf version of the venerable 10" Woodworker II also became available in 2010.

Forrest's Woodworker II blades are configured to cut through the densest hardwoods accurately, even on older and underpowered table saws.

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