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You can convert your dull, lack luster fireplace into a showplace for you, your family and your guests with one of these free fireplace mantel or surround plans. Make and Sell Fireplace Bellows as a Home .Learn how to customize and build a fireplace mantel with one of these free fireplace mantel plans.
This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged bellows, fireplace, free, plans by hostotara. Learn how to make fireplace bellows using (mostly) scrap materials and basic shop skills, and then turn a profit.

This handsome set of bellows was crafted from scrap wood and furniture upholstery remainders. Painting, staining, carving, engraving, pyrography - these are just some of the ways the bellows can be customized to give it the one-of-a-kind look you're dreaming of. In fact, I'm here to tell you that anyone who delights in the feel of genuine wood and leather, enjoys building practical tools that also please the eye, and doesn't mind making extra money while indulging in these inclinations is a prime candidate for a successful home business selling handcrafted fireplace bellows. And if anyone seems hesitant, you might offer to trade the whole pile for one of your finished bellows.

Most shops have box after box (each typically holding 1,000, which is enough to decorate over 20 bellows) of the fancy fasteners, in every style and color imaginable. I've found that the brass-colored metal tacks (in size 1 or 2) are particularly good for use on most bellows, and a whole box of them will usually go for about $10 or $12, which is approximately a third of the cost of buying them by the card at the hardware or variety store.

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