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Ballard Designs ships many items internationally; however, some items are not eligible for international shipping. This elegant bench was inspired by an 18th century antique and the details are just beautiful.
This bench fits perfectly at the end of the bed, with a cushion matching my bed accent pillows.

The very epitome of grandiose entryway furniture, this is one towering bench - looks more like a throne really - that'll have you feeling like you're master of the house. Included baskets allow for storage of scarves, gloves, and hats while adding a beautiful touch to your entryway. With our Owen Entryway Cabinets, you get the finely finished look of a built-in with the flexibility of a modular storage system.

Swatch ShippingBallard Designs offers up to 10 free swatches for all of our fabrics for a small fee of $5.95 for shipping and processing.

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