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Above: There is an element of an ad-hoc tree house in this bedroom, featuring two mattresses on the floor and an elevated third mattress on an open slatted bed frame.
Unable to find anything this narrow on the market, he decided to build his children's bunk beds out of Douglas Fir floor boards he scavenged from a friend's project. Making spacious, easy sliding drawers for your built-in bed is easier than you might think if you follow a few simple tips.
Above: A minimalist built-in bed for two in the Fosc House by Pezo von Ellrichshausen Architects. This article has an outline of a few surprisingly simple techniques and a basic plan for constructing the bed — from there you can tweak the design to truly fit your home.
Above: In back to back bedrooms, Canadian architects Christine Ho Ping Kong and Peter Tan from Studio Junction create a wall nook that is separated from the master bedroom by a sliding partition.
When you’re finished you’ll have a cozy, custom-built bed, as well as some very handy storage space. This is the allure of a built-in bed, and it’s a surprisingly easy feature to add to any home. Since we moved them to bunk beds it’s been great as it has opened up a ton of space in their room for quiet time away from the chaos of the rest of the house. I have the wooden Ikea bunkbeds for my boys and was thinking about making curtains to enclose them.

Follow the principles here and your built-in bed will make your home a cozier place, while also delivering some efficient storage space.Every built-in bed is like a tiny room the size of your mattress. You can create a built-in bed anywhere you like, though the work is easier and more economical if you make use of existing interior walls and corners wherever possible. This approach reduces the amount of framing required, while also making it easier to create a solid enclosure.Consider locating your bed to include a window. Remember that the job of securing the walls and support structure is much easier if you locate your bed so it runs parallel to floor and ceiling joists, not perpendicular to them.Begin by removing baseboards and quarterround on the wall where your bed will go. You also can pull entire lengths of trim off, then cut and replace it where necessary when your bed is done.Start by framing the partitions that form the head and foot ends of the bed. Stack a couple of 2-by-8 scraps on the floor (to simulate the thickness of the top and bottom plates of your walls), then place the back edge of your tape measure on top of the wood and extend the blade upwards until it hits the ceiling. Measure in several places, because a sufficient clearance gap along the top of the walls is essential.
Get someone to help tip each wall up into position, and secure the bottom plate with 4-inch screws driven into the underlying floor joists. Instead, the illustration shows how to create a frame around the interior perimeter of the bed walls that supports either three-quarter-inch plywood or 2-by-8s to support the mattress directly. Locating your bed near an existing outlet makes it easy to supply electricity for your new light.

You also could feed wires through the floor frame if your bed is located above an unfinished basement. These will be about 28 inches long, and they define the maximum length of drawer you can accommodate underneath your bed. Use biscuits, dowels or pocket screws to join the stile and rail members together first, then tilt this frame into place and secure it to the 2-by-4 structure with wood glue and clamps. The top edge of the front wall frame should extend less than half way up the thickness of the mattress and be fully rounded to protect your legs as you get into and out of bed.
Drive 4-inch deck screws up through the top plate of the wall, through the wedges and into the joist. Place this spacer tight against one side of a drawer opening, then press both drawer side pieces against this spacer.
Next, place one end of your drawer front tight against this group of parts, then mark the other end where it meets the other side of the opening.

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