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Gabon Ebony, also known as “Gaboon” or “Black” Ebony sets the undisputed standard for true black wood around the globe and has done so throughout history.
Today’s artisan craftsmen continue to hold Gabon Ebony in the highest esteem due to the associated lore, as well as the workable traits of the material itself. From a musical instrument perspective, it has proven itself time and again to be of the finest material to work with, and is known for superior tonality due to the higher density over the other types of ebony. As for price and availability, Gabon Ebony is one of the most expensive lumber species on today’s market.  This is driven by 3 factors.
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Highly prized throughout many civilizations as the purest of all black wood, it has been found in the most coveted places within Egyptian tombs. It has a long history as being used for piano keys, as well as bodies for clarinets and other woodwind instruments.
Even the best quality of gabon is subject to having sporadic caramel streaks in it, but this is not to be considered a defect rather, it is the character of the wood. The only competitor from a visual perspective would be African Blackwood, but unfortunately it is not true ebony.

One of the few species that is an accepted substitute (from a grain density and tonal perspective) is Katalox (aka Mexican Royal Ebony), but it provides a purplish color tone in lieu of the solid black.
These combined factors render the vast majority of gabon ebony on today’s market into small sizes of varying quality. It is almost unheard of to find widths exceeding 7’’ and therefore has reduced the role of this amazing timber to that of accent wood on larger artisan projects.

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