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I realize you want to build it all; if you decide to compromise, the door kits for these stoves are available. I used a kit to build one but I fileted the top barrel and fabbed a grill in it to use it as a smoker.
EDIT: I used it all summer and some surface rust on the barrel that I have touched up (I leave it uncovered outside) The insides are still very good. I am building an addition to the log cabin next year and I would like to put a single barrel Sotz in there. I know, you said you want to build it yourself, but if you want to have a double drum stove, rigged up and ready to burn in about one hour, this is the deal for you. In April, take the stove apart, take it outside and get all the sand and ashes out, Not a bad idea to oil it down, I am talking about the lower drum only, that is where the fire is.

It is easy to take apart the double drum stove because the assembled lower drum only weighs about 25 pounds.
I've done a little reading about the double barrel wood stoves and am very interested. And I read that the barrels typically don't last very long but that certain types of barrels are thicker than others.
As I said above, number one control that air intake and never let the stove get cherry red. One barrel was rated at 150,000 btu, and with the second barrel on top rated at 250,000 btu.
The point is to make an airtight stove and to control the air intake so that the metal never glows cherry red.

I'm guessing if you had one thicker one and one thinner one the best place to put the thinner one would be on top. I believe these numbers were accurate because the Sotz double drum stove really cranked out the heat! It seems like I saw one clip where the guy had a flue between the two barrels as well as in the stack going up and out.

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