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Author Notes: Thanks so much for watching my newest video on building a 20' long garage storage shelving unit!
Home shelving guide: building storage shelves, Building storage shelves a guide to do it yourself storage shelf construction.
Building a wooden storage shelf in the basement – youtube, This is viagra professional not really a how-to video but just a documentation of my experiences building this wooden storage shelf system. Keeping your garage spic and span could be one of the biggest challenging tasks, especially when you have innumerable gardening equipment, paint buckets, small storage boxes, and car repairing tools that can neither be discarded nor shifted to any other place. Here is a convenient design for storing larger tools to help you keep your garage a bit organized. Select an area in your garage where there is sufficient wall space for fitting the storage rack against the walls.
Adding few coats of flashy paint on the shelf can transform your dull-looking garage into a cool space. You can group the items by placing them on different shelving units, maximizing as well as beautifying your garage space.

Another cool garage shelf plan that increases your storage options, ranging from huge plastic containers to quick fix tools, all at one place. It appears as a single set of shelves, but the individual racks have not been adjoined for more flexibility.
Constructing a corner shelf is the best space-saving solution for your garage, converting a narrow, unused area into an additional storage space. Imagine how convenient it would be to build an overhead shelf just by occupying a slim wall space in the garage.
Now you longer have to deal with the pile of junk items in the garage as this fancy garage cabinet provides the easiest way to get rid of the clutter, giving more room for parking your car.
This one is an ideal garage shelf for holding smaller items, making your carport look tidy and free of obstructions on the floor.
Once you have made a list of the items that should be there in the garage, follow the instructions given in this tutorial for designing a robust shelf with recycled wooden planks.
Here is an 8 feet high robust garage shelf that will come handy for keeping all sorts of stuff as long as there are no space limitations.

So it was time to put some plan into action to organize it before I was kicked out of the house ;-) and looking around for simple but sturdy solutions to build I stumbled upon this website and its wonderful array of plans for all skill levels so I went ahead bought the wood and started building and I couldn't be any happier with the results I got.
If you are stuck in a similar dilemma, then consider storing these essential items on shelves.
This elegant garage shelf plan might be of great use to those looking for a budget-friendly storage solution. Most importantly, using high-quality construction materials ensures the durability of the shelves. Since garage shelves are expensive in most furniture stores, you can build one at home by going through these feasible DIY plans along with some simple garage organization tips.
So provide an extended storage space in your garage by building a long-lasting and adjustable shelf.

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