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Safety is paramount, so before you begin building your fence, you are required to locate underground utilities. With the holes drilled to your building code's recommended depth - plus 4" for gravel - re-string the guide line and set a post in each hole; stand them up straight using a post level, and align the posts with the string, checking the 6" offset.
Cut a 4"×4" for the beam (C) and secure the beam so the top of the beam is 9" down from the top of the arbor posts. To lay out the arched arbor top, mark the arc end points and arc center points where shown and drive a screw at each end point. Back up on the arbor post, slip the newly assembled arbor top over the posts so it rests on the spacers, centering the rails on the post.

So whether you're planting a garden or preparing for a wedding you might consider a nice easy day project to really spruce up your space!
You can build it in a day, add a coat of finish the next morning, let it dry overnight and set up the arbor the following day.
Now measure the depth of the arbor postholes from grade to gravel and add 96" to determine the overall length of the 4"x6". To help keep the posts parallel and plumb, measure the distance between the arbor posts at ground level. Cut the gate rails (M) 7" longer than the distance between the arbor post, and temporarily secure to the post where shown.

Attach the hinges to the gate panel using the screws provided and secure to the arbor post.
The swing itself is store-bought, and the arbor that supports it requires only basic skills. You will also need to contact your local building department to learn about permits and call your homeowner's association to verify local requirements.

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