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The interior length (21") is almost exactly half way between a long (27") and short box (15.5") length, so I would say each drawer holds a long and a short.
I have only loaded one drawer so far, as a test case, and it holds up perfectly even in full extension. Alternatives to the lateral are legal sized drawers, which are 26" deep front to back (about 23" interior drawer depth), and 18" wide (16" interior drawer width), which means you could easily fit 2 columns per drawer.
Gain extra storage space in the kitchen by installing toe-kick drawers under your base cabinets. Installing below-cabinet drawers sounds like a tough job, requiring fussy planning, the skills of a cabinetmaker and child-size hands to work in that cramped space.
The vast majority of kitchen cabinets are similar to the ones we show here, with sides that extend to the floor (see Photo 1).

The drawer, cradle and slides form a complete unit that's simple to build and easy to install under a cabinet.
You could build the drawers with nothing but hand tools and a circular saw, but a table saw and miter saw will give you faster, better results. Before you buy materials, open up the cavity under the cabinets so you can take measurements.
Just assemble the drawer units in your shop, then slip them under the cabinets and screw them in place.
But if the sink's plumbing runs through the bottom of the cabinet, the drawers will have to be shorter.
To simplify the whole process, we designed self-contained drawer units that you can assemble in your shop and then slip into place.

To simplify planning, we'll show you three basic measurements that let you size these drawers to fit under any cabinet.
If you don't plan to cover the entire toe space with drawers, be gentle so you can later cut the toe-kick to length and reinstall a section.
If you see screw heads or holes near the corners, your cabinets probably stand on legs rather than the cabinet sides (the screws or holes allow for height adjustment). If layers of flooring have been added since the cabinets were installed, you'll have to pull the top edge of the toe-kick outward first and then pry it up to clear the built-up floor.

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