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Making a butterfly house that is safe for the butterflies can be both easy and inexpensive. Now that you have your pieces measured it's a good idea to make a notation in the center of each one so you know which piece is the top, bottom, or side.Step 2 - Adding Butterfly EntrancesMaking the frame is just the beginning to this project.
Place the second circle of cardboard in the end of the netting from which the house will hang. Place an old branch in the butterfly house, which will give your butterfly a place to perch.
Put butterflies into the cage by carefully slipping them between the overlapping sections of netting.
Place the dish with sugar water in the base of the butterfly house so the butterfly can drink.

Be sure to release your butterfly within a few days so he or she can fly freely and find a mate!
There are many great variations on butterfly house plans but the great thing about them is that all of the variations are easy to build and can make a great craft project for a free afternoon.This particular butterfly house can be made with scraps lying around your house. There is no reason to sand it down or paint it unless you want a very clean look instead of the butterfly house being more "country-ish".
Now, create the openings that the butterflies will enter by using your ruler and pencil to measure out 3 12-inch by 1-inch wide slits, making the center slit an inch or two higher than the others. With the loose ends of this string, tie a loop from which you could hang your butterfly house.
We need to get their populations up, so wherever you live, this is a good way to help your local butterflies and even help the entire butterfly population.

Next, attach the side panels to the bottom of the construction and to the front and back panels you nailed together.Step 4 - Finishing TouchesYour butterfly house is nearly complete.
Put a thin layer of moss at the bottom of the house, taking care to leave your slits and some of the bark uncovered. You can hang the butterfly house from a tree limb, but the best course of action is to affix it to a pole or tall, wooden stake close to the butterfly bush.

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