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We have just added a superb new wood filler to our online shop which is perfect for filling wood flooring. Once mixed, the filler sets hard to a shatterproof finish in approximately 30 minutes (for deep fills) and may be drilled, carved or planed once dry. If you are a Sika Everbuild account holder, we would love to hear your feedback by filling in the customer satisfaction survey.
It can be used for filling splits, shakes and knot holes in wood flooring and for general wood filling in window sills and frames, doors and door frames etc. Wood Fill hardens with a non-tack surface that is easy to sand and has minimal paper clogging. Sanding is also extremely easy with the wood and filler sanding at the same rate leaving a smooth flat surface. The filler has been tested and approved, and is now specified by leading manufacturers of Medium Density Fibreboard including 'Caber Board' and 'Medite Board'.

Unika Color Sealant fill gaps between kitchen unit and wall, carcasses and skirting boards etc.
Metolux 2 Part Styrene Free Wood Filler is a pre-coloured, high performance, two component polyester filler that provides a tough, long lasting repair to all woods. Make sure the wood surface to be painted is clean, dry and free from dirt, dust and grease.
Once mixed, the filler sets hard to a shatterproof finish in approximately 30 mins and may be drilled, carved or planed once dry.
Does not slump on application and is ideal for filling both shallow and deeper imperfections in wood. Formulated with the interests of the woodworker and modeller in mind it can be chiselled, filed, drilled and sanded with abandon. Containing ultra modern fillers it has a resilience unknown with other fillers which allows nails and screws to be driven into and through the hardened filler with impunity and ease.

It can be used for building up damaged edges on joinery, filling shakes and splits in wood. WoodFill Super Soft Woodfiller has proved to be very effective at filling screw holes, joints and other surface imperfections in MDF. Super-soft has a slightly open grained texture and takes normal woodstains easily thus making it even simpler to replicate the texture and finish of wood.
This will help your paint stick and make it last longer.If your paint is flaking or cracked you’ll need to sand it back to bare wood. It is easy to carve and shape with woodworking tools, cutting as easily as wood, almost like balsa but leaving a firm rigid surface.

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