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There are many ways to paint wooden furniture, trim, decorator items and more, including stains and opaque colors.
To be sure we are clear on the purpose of this exercise, what we want to do is to learn ways to create interesting surface tones using a dilute stain color on raw woods. Bird houses, wooden serving trays, flower boxes, tables, chests, chairs and more could be on the list of possibilities. When using a very porous wood surface, a very light coating of acrylic medium (diluted 50 percent with water) will partially seal the surface and prevent immediate absorption into the wood.
Acrylic paint is water-based and should be easy to remove from wood especially if it is still fresh.
To remove acrylic paint from the entire surface of a wood furniture, use a commercial paint stripper for water-based paints and follow the manufacturer's instructions on how to use the product.

Mix waterproof India Ink with Isopropyl Rubbing alcohol until it produces this stain on a paper towel.
A Bachmann On30 plastic flatcar painted with flat white acrylic craft paint and stained with black Dye-na-flow fabric paint.
Swizzle sticks and dowels, all match when primed white gesso and stained with Dyn-a-flow after assembly.
Airbrushing stain is a fast and easy method to apply a coating of color and then amend the color in a number of ways. This is very useful with any crafts projects where you are using wood as a structural basis for decoration. The tunnel portal is wood timbers and styrene sheet primered with Kilz2 acrylic primer and stained with Dye-na-flow fabric paint.

A bit of practice is all that is required to learn the ways an airbrush and stain can work together to create an unusual and interesting painted object.
Dried or old acrylic paint can be removed from wood but in most cases the finish of the wood will also come off during the removal process. For this month’s consideration is an article that explores the possibilities of staining with single and multiple layers of acrylic.
If it is not dry the paint will leach into the stain and it will be essentially grey paint.

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