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27 Sep. 1977

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I consider myself fortunate to share the Popular Woodworkingshop with two world-class woodworkers , Christopher Schwarz and Glen D. If I were just learning how to work with wood, it would be easy to become overwhelmed with the volume of information available today. The problem with woodworking is that there is always one more tool that promises to make a daunting task quick and painless. Special tools can indeed do that; the hard part is sorting out the tools you want from the tools you think you need , and the tools you really need from the tools that will help you do what you want to do. If your main interest is power tools, these tools will make your setups more accurate and will save the day when the power tools get you close to what you want, but not quite there. One of the troubles I have with sawing is I don’t do it enough to stay in practice, and I own too many saws.

The list of tools I want looks like a telephone book, but the tools that will do at least 90 percent of what I want to do are in the picture above. If you want to be a hand-tool woodworker, knowing how to use, sharpen and tweak these basic tools will get you well on your way.
There’s a good chance that many of these will pass on before they realize that gathering tools and getting the shop in order can become an eternal effort.
I have more tools than this, but these are the ones that have been with me awhile , the ones that have shorter blades from being sharpened a zillion times and the ones that show some signs of age. You’ll have a better idea of what more specialized tools you need, or you may decide that these are all you need.
My father was an engineer and my grandfather a tool and die maker, so it hadn’t seen much use.

When I learned about woodworking, there was no Internet and no local woodworking store; there was one bi-monthly magazine, and only a few catalogs and resources for tools.
I got reasonably good at doing things before I found out that I didn’t have anywhere near enough tools.

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