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25 Nov. 1990

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Plane blade maker Ron Hock concurs that a sharpening station is a bonus for any woodworker.
Dave024 writes: This is the first set of plans for a sharpening station that I would actually use.
I use a portable sharpening station designed for use with stones, with both jigs and freehand manner. There is room inside the station for your spray bottle of water, can of honing oil, or the stone lubricant you prefer, various stones, jigs, edge tools, and what have you.
When in use as a 2 piece station, a non skid mat is placed under the portable base in front so it wont skid, and a non skid mat is then placed on top of each sharpening station to help keep the stones in place, a job these mats do very well. When used for shaping bevels, or doing major flattening on edge tools, I use both stations in ensemble.
For those who would like more views of the station, which can be expanded to much larger, more easily viewed images, please follow this link to the Sharpening Station in the woodworking gallery.
We offer a full line of shooting boards and accessories for tackling the most challenging projects, as well as sharpening stations, drilling jigs and benchwork accessories that help keep you sharp and accurate on many tasks! You don't have to build it with hand tools, but his step-by-step account is a good view into an unplugged workshop.

Then he adds specialized sharpening accoutrements including a granite insert, a drawer to hold sharpening stones, and a walnut tool tray.
Have plenty of sharpening equipment (stones, jigs, etc) this would help me get it all organized into one workable area.
I have a dedicated waterstone sharpening station but I would never have dared build anything so sofisticated because of the premenant presence of water eager to do its damage at every opportunity.
Many edge tools we bring in our shops will benefit from having a flattened back and the optimum bevel angle for the task it is meant to do. This helps facilitate the process, contain the mess, protect other shop furniture from damage and helps keep the honing tools organized. Just place a Non Skid Mat, or any non-skid material available on the bench, and place the little station on that. We have a full product line of tools and jigs for use in both hand and power tool woodworking, that help improve your skills and workflow, while improving your speed, accuracy and in many cases, help keep you safe. Come to the Evenfall Studios Woodworks Store to see our latest New Tools, or have a look at our entire woodworking tool line! We are a small woodworking and toolmaking business, and sponsor it ourselves to help keep it ad free for you.

The portable auxiliary station is placed in the front of the main base, and is used for general maintenance honing, and for flattening and honing the wire off while major bevel work is being done. Both stations offer all the finger clearance needed for holding most any tool in the needed orientation for the sharpening.
Simple maintenance honing is possible, freehand using push pull or side sharpening methods, or with simple edge holding or side sharpening jigs. Maybe you have a space limitation, and need to move the station in and out of the work area as you go.
There are a number of different sharpening methodologies, various jigs, freehand, even machines. You may see in the photos, where I placed a small F clamp on the left front corner to keep the station in place while in use.

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