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04 Sep. 1976

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Incra are well known for their significant contributions to woodworking, particularly at the highly engineered end of the spectrum, with their precision tools (such as accurate fence positioning). So when they bring out a new tool, it is worth taking note, so I was interested when Incra released a push block to see just what they have bought to the party. Unlike most pushblocks, the Incra one also has a double-walled ABS hand guard (grey) further protecting your rather valuable tools (hands).
Although we are 100 years on, many of the designers out there have seemingly forgotten that function is important, and so we have power tools that look like Cylons, tools designed to appeal to a particular demographic, tools designed for every reason, other than the specific function they are meant to perform.
This box warehouse concept, these Chinese-made tools, this concept of power tools for $10 and $20 have really destroyed many expectations of tools in a throw-away society.
By the time I had the two assembled, the flimsiness of the material (too thin struts, too weak, too compromised to save a few dollars in raw materials), the overall quality of construction, both models were picked up taken back to the supplier and unceremoniously given back. So just something to keep in mind the next time you are shopping for a tool (or anything really). For people getting into woodworking, the router tends to be a tool that is either disregarded due to an (incorrect) expectation that it has fairly limited use, or one that is treated with a degree of mistrust. It has always been a source of bemusement to me that of all the machines in the woodworking workshop, the router table is both one of the most useful and yet is typically made rather than purchased, or is an afterthought tacked on the side of another machine. It also works in reverse – if the feathers are too stiff, applying too much force against a soft timber, you can use the variable adjustment to get a softer action from the featherboard.

When you are building a house, having a measurement out by 5mm or more is not the end of the world, and the measuring tools used reflect this.
I use the same rule to set the fence to blade distance on the tablesaw, and by knowing the amount of runout of the blade, that error is also taken into account and controlled. Another useful tool is the story stick, whether this be a simple stick with some marks drawn on it which you then store until the next time you need to make the part in question, or a commercial one which is excellent for the current project, but you don’t keep it dedicated to a single project. Beautifully designed by Valfor Tools and flawlessly executed, the GrooveCenter represents an entirely novel way to position a router fence. The set-up procedure is entirely independent from the diameter of the router bit and works irrespective of the thickness or width of the workpiece. Whatever the dimension of a board to be routed, not a single measurement needs to be taken and no measuring tool (caliper, setup block, ruler) is required in the process.
The GrooveCenter allows extremely precise set-up of the router fence for routing a centered slot, groove or mortise in the work piece. These bits are frustrating to set up, but do result in a perfect and stable joint if done right. When a work piece needs to be shaped in the exact middle (mortises, slots or grooves), setting the fence at the correct distance from the router bit can be a challenging process. Without the help of the GrooveCenter, the only reference point for setting the distance to the fence is the outside diameter of the router bit cutter, which in any case only only works for straight router bits: any other router bit with a profiled cutters cannot be successfully set up this way.

With the traditional set-up method, a new calculation for each change of router bit is required.
Woodworkers are required to do the above-described maths and struggle to measure the distance to the fence with the help of a rule, set-up blocks or any other measuring device.
After all, holding a tool that is primarily a motor spinning at up to 20000RPM hardly fills the new woodworker with much confidence.
There are reasons why this sort of constant monitoring of precision is not translated into woodworking. It also perfectly sets up Lock Miter bits and such other challenging bits as the Reverse Glue Joint bit. More than that, it enables fail safe set up for Lock Miter Bits and Reverse Glue Joint Bits.

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