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Installing traditional mortise hinges makes some woodworkers want to turn their electric drill on themselves to just end it all. Chris is a contributing editor to Popular Woodworking Magazine and the publisher at Lost Art Press.
I have been around plenty of guys who are installing hinges on cabinets and doors for the first time and end up destroying a great piece of wood.
And Chris, now that you have been introduced to Japanese planes, and Toshio Odate’s book is still out of print (more promised soon if economic considerations permit), you might expand your knowledge by beginning with the earlier book on the basic Japanese woodworking tools written by Kip Mesirow and illustrated by Ron Herman.
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In this article, I'll describe how to fashion a mortised butt hinge, piano hinge, knife hinge, and round hinge. This article originally appeared in Taunton's Complete Illustrated Guide to Choosing and Installing Hardware (2003). Mortised butt hingeMeasure and cut a spacerMeasure the centerpoint: This demonstration shows how to hinge a small box, but you can adapt this same approach to hanging a door onto a carcase. American Woodworker magazine was acquired by F+W Media (parent company of Popular Woodworking) in 2014. A couple hours after this post, and a competing post on installing butt hinges shows up elsewhere on the web.
I'll also describe a template for hinge mortising, and how to square a routed hinge mortise, rehabilitate common hinge mortise problems and install a passage door. Put the hinge in place, put the bit in the hole and run it for a couple of revolutions SLOWLY and IN REVERSE whilst pressing down firmly. As you'll see, learning how to craft mortised hinges will open up some amazing woodworking possibilities. Piano hingeMeasure between leaf and pinMeasure hinge positioning: To properly position the hinge, you need to make sure that the centerpoint of the hinge pin will be slightly past the rear edge of the box. To do that, close the hinge, and measure the distance from the barrel to the opposite side of the hinge pin.

Template for Hinge MortisingTransfer measurementCenter the hinges : To help ensure that you position the hinges squarely, measure the distance from the edge of the hinge’s leaf to the edge of the pin. Follow your labels and screw the hinges in placeSecure the hinges: To complete the mortises, begin with a vertical chisel cut at each end.
Squaring a routed hinge mortiseClamp the spacerClamp the spacer and lay out the hinges: Use a pencil to transfer this line to masking tape on the base and lid. These lines are for reference only—the spacer determines the actual positioning of the hinges. Fixing hinge mortise problemsDrill pilot holes and screw down hinge leavesSecure the hinges: Clamp the spacer between the base and the lid.
A completed mortised butt hingeFinishing touches: You already drilled the pilot holes for the hinges, so the only thing that remains is screwing the hinges into place.
Lay out the hinges so that you’ll install each one identically—one hinge leaf has an even number of knuckles, and the other is odd. Installing a passage doorScore the woodMark the hinge outlines: Carefully position a hinge so that the barrel’s axis is centered over the spacer, then drill a pilot hole and screw down one leaf with a single screw. The piano hingeDetermine box dimensions: If you want to skip the lid support, you can use a hinge with a built-in stop. The geometry of this hinge is a bit different from an ordinary butt hinge because you have to leave the entire hinge barrel proud of the back of the box so that it will operate properly. Secure the other hinge using the same procedure, then finish drilling the remaining pilot holes Round hingeLetter the hinge positionsLabel and remove the hinges: Use a striking knife or crafts knife to score the wood fibers along each hinge’s outline. Measure the closed hinge's diameterCheck proportions with a carcase: Running the entire length of the box, a piano hinge adds an attractive edge to your box's hardware. Cut half-depth mortises in the base and lidRout the mortises : Lettering the hinges and the lid lets you quickly replace each hinge in its home. Rough dimensionsCut the hinge to length: To create an easy mortise for a piano hinge, simply make the back of the box narrower than the sides and front. Deepen the score line with a knifeComplete the mortises: There are two different ways to mortise the hinges—you can cut a full-depth mortise in the box’s base, or cut half-depth mortises in both the base and lid, as I did.

Mark the cutlineMount the hinge to the lid: When you assemble the box, the narrower back makes a full-length mortise. Drill pilot holes and drive screwsFasten leaf to the back of the box: Mark the cutline on the hinge, and cut it to length by using a hacksaw with a blade that has 32 teeth per inch. Screw in the second leafCheck out the finished product: Keep construction simple by planning the size of the top so that you can mount the hinge flush with the top’s rear edge. Add strength with a surface-mounted piano hingeVariation- simplify construction with slotted screwholes: A back view of the completed installation shows how the lid is slightly above the back edge of the box so that it will always shut completely at the front. Rockler hinges ease installationPrepare the hinge: For utility applications— where strength is more important than appearance—you can surface mount a piano hinge using the same procedure that you would for individual hinges. Making toolboxes or shop cabinets are two typical applications for surface-mounted piano hinges. Hinge mortising made easyTighten the template: Piano hinges available from Rockler, including the specialized flange-leaf type shown here, have slotted screwholes that provide easier positioning and installation. Prepare and cinch the templateMark the door: To allow the hinge to fit easily into the adjustable template, unscrew the finials or withdraw a removable pin. Measure the hingeCheck for square: Put the hinge into the opening of the template, slide the bar snugly against it, and tighten the knobs. Transfer measurementsMark the opening: To set the width of the mortise, measure the hinge. Verify equal measurementsPrepare the router and set the depth of cut: With the finials on this hinge, I could bury the hinge only up to the barrel.

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