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12 Dec. 1984

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With most high end screws these days your not supposed to pre-drill or countersink but there are several applications that require a clean bulge free screw placement.
What brand or type of countersink bits do you prefer, how often do you use them and for what applications do they work best. I have a set of Fuller countersinks like you show in the picture which I use with woodworking to countersink wood screws. I am not too familiar with countersink bits but I think the goods ones have collars you can set to a specific depth.
The drill press stop (part pf the drill press) will keep the quill from going any further so you do not overcut the countersink.
I use the making tape method a lot when using brad point bits or twist bits to give me a stop line and it works great.

Allen head bolt --- A bolt with a hexagonal recess in the head requiring an Allen wrench , often used in woodworking machinery, among many other things. Now that you have picked out a drill, here are some recommended bits to get you started on multiple kinds of projects.
Countersink bit: This bit is used when you want screws to sit flush with the surface of the wood. Twist Bit: These bits are meant for wood and soft plastics, and are the most common bits to use for simple wood projects. Most bits are interchangeable among drills; you don’t need to purchase bits in the same brand as your drill, but you should ask the salesperson or bring your drill along to ensure the bits is compatible. You can purchase a collection of flat and Phillips head bits in various sizes at the hardware store.

These bits can cause the surface of the wood to splinter and chip, which is called “tear out”.
The countersink bit has a tiny chuck on it that allows you to switch out the drill bit inside. I use them in anything from melamine to solid wood and find using a countersink makes a much better quality product. It’s also a good idea to wear safety goggles and a dust mask when using these bits (and anytime you drill) because many little shavings will go flying as you drill.

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