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28 Aug. 2006

Woodworking classes boston area,brass woodworking screws,making wood screws with router - .

I've been taking classes with Brookline Adult Ed since 2006 and am definitely a satisfied student.
This small table is a great project for gaining practical experience in cutting and fitting different types of woodworking joints. I am definitely happy I chose this class because it worked really well for someone who has a tight schedule and no car. If for some reason after the first class (or first hour of the class) you realize it's not what anticipated, forget getting your money returned.

It was convenient to get to because they are located right at the Brookline Hills stop off the Green D line, and they offered evening classes at really affordable rates.My teacher for the course this past session was Thomas, and he was a really nice guy who really knew how to use the power tools and explain to the students what to do safely.
You have to write a letter even to petition to take a different class!I enrolled in a scene study workshop (the average age 50-60) and the energy was extremely low.
Classes max out at about 15 students, which can seem like a big group when you are all vying for the teacher's attention, but we all managed to help and support each other to get projects done. Boston has 2 amazing new modern kitchens, but each kitchen is a single unit and really only allows for one or two people to actively be cooking at a time.

By the time we reached the last 2 weeks, we were assembling and fine-tuning our creations.I had no knowledge of power tools coming into this class, but I left feeling much more empowered and ready to start small projects at work.
The only thing you did have to bring to class was a personal pair of safety goggles and ear protection.I would definitely recommend this class to anyone who wants to learn how to use power tools, have access to a shop with power tools, or wants a safe way to work on a small project for their home or work place.

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