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03 Oct. 2011

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Despite their small size, benchtop models offer workpiece capacities pretty close to full-size presses. Curious to see if these machines' horsepower ratings converted to real drilling power, we force-fed each drill press a steady diet of hard maple and white oak under large bits and hole saws, trying to make the bits stall. Every drill press should have a sturdy, reliable stop for drilling multiple holes to the same depth. Since most manufactures use very similar or the exact same motor and body on both their bench top and floor models, the quality of cut shouldnt be any different.
Realize that radial presses are deeper and whether you choose a bench top or floor radial drill press you will need more space behind the press to allow the head to move vs a traditional drill press. Most of us have a benchtop planer, and many have a benchtop sanding station, but I'm talking more about benchtop bandsaws, drill presses, jointers, and router tables, as well as portable tablesaws. Bloggs writes: I have been able to mount my bandsaw and table saw on stands, so giving me more free bench space.
MS_Mirage writes: I have found it much more economically feasible to start out in woodworking by beginning with benchtop tools. Right now the drill press is setting on top of the bench, (where it has been for 10 years) but at some point I intend to lower it into a recess so I'm working at bench top level like I have the radial arm saw and miter saw setting. On my back wall is my other bench, which I use for tool storage, and it also holds a pancake compressor with a line that extends across the ceiling to a ceiling mounted reel, so I can easily reach any part of my shop without moving the compressor, and then the hose easily reels up out of sight.
In addition to the lumber storage behind the radial arm saw bench, I have overhead shelving which extends down the sidewalls of the shop for much more horizontal lumber storage. One of the really stationary tools I added recently is a Clearvue cyclone (with a ShopFox blower on top). Drill press: bought for about $40, had a wobbly quil, with a machinist friend we redrilled the casting and put a bronze bushing to eliminate it.

This large cabinet absorbs all of the vibration of the saw, has a bench vise and dog holes on it, and has a Kreg bench top clamp situated on it right in the middle. I have a bench top belt disc sander on a stand tha works pretty well, and a I have a 14" band saw.
I titled this article Skil 10″ woodworking drill press but it also can be used with metal working. Consider this: Nearly all drilling in woodworking calls for the table to be situated within 4" of the chuck. All eight machines we tested offer 12-14" of swing, compared with the 17" swing typical of a floor-model drill press.
Drill presses with three pulleys handled these tough tests best without the motor stalling or the belts slipping. Many people share elbow room with a car or a small mountain of basement clutter, with their woodworking confined to a few benchtops and the space between them. Except for the benchtop drill press, which is obviously bolted on a the top surface of a wall workbench, all my benchtop tools are mounted on a piece of plywood which makes them easy to carry around. The saw tilts rather than the table - making it perfect for cutting stuff like the beveled top back support of an Adirondack chair. I have been using this drill press for over a month now and find it to be an accurate and useful tool to work with. I don’t know how accurate the ruler is as I found the table to be dead on at 90 degrees to a drill. That means a benchtop drill press not only can handle most of your drilling needs but it also costs about half as much as a floor-standing model.
In that situation benchtop tools make a lot of sense, either actually sitting on a tabletop, or rolled out when needed on some sort of stand.

To help us with a future article on benchtop shops, I'd like to find how many of you have benchtop tools, and get a conversation going about how to make the most of them. My additional stuff is an 18" band saw, a multi speed floor mounted drill press, a 10 inch drum sander as well as 6 inch belt sander and an oscillating sander. My other drill press had the screw shaft type for adjusting a depth stop but this is much easier to use and more accurate. However, there's still a lot to do, prepping stock, sanding, drilling and routing scrollsawn pieces. It would have been nice to have one lower speed, say 300, for metal drilling or spinning a large diameter bit like a circle cutter.
The whole thing is topped by an old Government Issue MDF tabletop, which proved to be almost dead flat, really heavy, and covered on both sides with Formica. I found the table to be dead on as far as being level and didn’t need any adjustment to be 90 degrees to a drill. The plywood base of my benchtop tablesaw has a large hole in the middle of it providing a chute for the saw dust to escape when clamped on a hollow surface. And last, because of those plywood base, I can sit any tool almost anywhere like on a benchtop, sawhorses, even outside on a 45 gal. On May 28th I am having a 24 X 16 shop built however separate from the house, and will enjoy the extra space and bench space also. Recently purchased a used Delta benchtop drill press, which I love except for the relativley short stroke.

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