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18 Apr. 2000

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In almost every hardwood flooring job, you’ll be required to lay hardwoods under at least one side of a door. If hardwoods are going to be laid in a room that transitions to another surface in an adjacent room separated by a door, the hardwood should stop half way under the door when the door is closed . Whether you’re going through the door completely or only part way through, you will need to address the door stops and trim, and potentially the jambs that make up the sides of the door frame.
Step 3: Measure and cut the hardwoods so that they fall underneath the stop and molding, and either butt up next to the jamb or go underneath it.
If you’ve raised the flooring level with you new hardwoods, you will likely need to cut the actual door. Use a circular saw to cut the door, clamping a piece of wood as a guide near the bottom of the door to keep the circular saw from swaying as you cut. Also, instead of trying to measure the entire door, make sure to measure from the bottom hinge to the floor. When cutting the door trim you can take a piece of scrap flooring, hold it in from of the trim, and let the saw blade sit on top of it while you cut.
I am installing engineered wood in my house and I am bit confused on how to install around the doors. I get the concern, but the jambs are indeed attached to studs that sit behind them and are not holding the door up by sitting on the floor.

You essentially want to mark and cut the door by laying a piece of engineered wood next to the door and cutting flush with the surface. We are laying solid hardwood floors in an L-shaped hallway and would like to reverse the direction of the wood at the corner so the wood is running the long way in both sections of the hall. In many cases, the flooring that is being replaced is not as tall as the hardwoods that are being installed, and the door trim and stops will need to be cut to accommodate the width of the hardwood floors. We’re installing 1100 square feet of Brazilian Walnut flooring across the first floor of our house.
The goal is to make the wood fall underneath all of these components so the trim looks like it rests on top of the floor.
Stop back this afternoon for the first “sneak peak” at a partially finished floor!
I have done as you suggested, and I find that unless you are using a flush-cut saw, you’ll likely tilt the saw unevenly sitting on top of the scrap.
We laid the wood floor five years ago in our hallway and now want to continue with the wood floor in the same direction and into the other room. It provides a very limited-vibration, accurate cut of the trim at the precise location required.
This is more accurate, as it removes any deviation that might be present between the top of the door and the top of the doorframe.

My question is, we will be installing Unfinished Red Oak flooring upstairs in place of the carpet.
You can fill a very minor gap with caulk or drywall compound, sand and paint and it will be completely unnoticeable. My husband and I have previously installed flooring, refinished wood flooring and installed tongue and groove ceilings.
I reset two doorways then realized I had 14 more and searched for some kind of fix but found none.
Above the 2nd staircase in the back (weve removed the carpeted stairs) above the landing it is open to a 9ft expanse of the same oak base with the spindles; and of course the visible gold metal molding for the carpet. I have searched all over the internet and can not find any example or explanation of how to install flooring next to already installed railings.

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