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29 Nov. 1996

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German-made bench screws - front and tail vises, used by well-known German producers of workbenches.
We highly recommend that you NOT begin installation without all vise hardware in your possession. This front vise is also suited for lefthanders and can be mounted on the right side of the bench. Construction Advice: The wooden face block for the vice should be, in height, 25 mm more than the thickness of your bench top. This handle can be used with all vise hardware shown on this page (except small German front vise). This handle fits all vises made in the Czech Republic (T-shaped handle 29 mm) and some German vises (if T-shaped handle 30 mm). When I built my French workbench five years ago I had two choices for the vise screws: steel screws from China or steel screws from Eastern Europe. The choices today are far better, with steel and wood screws available from several continents. Chris is a contributing editor to Popular Woodworking Magazine and the publisher at Lost Art Press.
Just completed this small turning job, two vice handles in beech, brass and macassar ebony.
And, when it comes to workbenches, a bigger, more massive model gives you more stability when cutting, planing, routing and doing all manners of other woodworking.

Keeping with this theme, the folks up at Lake Erie Toolworks believe that bigger is better when it comes to vise screws. Nick’s first experience with massive vise screws was when he worked at an organ building shop. Currently, Lake Erie Toolworks is also working out the details for a shoulder vise screw to build the vise commonly seen on European benches. Nick’s vise screws are made with a combination of CNC equipment, dedicated machines for internal threading purposes, lathe work and hand finishing.
While you might suspect caring for a wooden screw vise would be challenging, it’s not as difficult as you would expect. Nick has even gone to the trouble of threading both ends of the vise handle and providing a tapped cap for both ends.
They can be shoulder vises, front (face) vises, tail vises, any or all of the above, according to your own ideas! The quick-release action is simple, smooth and reliable, is actuated by the vise handle, and requires no extra release mechanism.
These wood screws are much faster than my metal screws (it’s not even close) and grip every bit as fiercely.
The handles come with rubber O-rings (some think these are a big deal — perhaps their hearing is more sensitive than mine).
I saw several kits of them at the Woodworking in America conference and I can attest that the company didn’t send us a ringer.

Take a holesaw the size you want to enlarge to and drill through a block of wood on a drill press to get a straight clean hole. I had a chance to talk with Nick Dombrowski, owner of the company, to talk about his enormous vise screws. While the screw gave the vise plenty of muscle, it didn’t have the same ‘feel’ as the wooden models. Run by Nick Dombrowski, this company makes maple vise screws that have details that I quite like. But what’s really cool about the Lake Erie handle is that its end caps thread onto the handles. It has the highest shear strength of typical vise screw woods (beech, ash, etc), lessening the likelihood of having the long-grain fibers shearing off, or chipping, in use. The Lake Erie Toolworks site also offers detailed installation instructions, walking woodworkers step-by-step through the process of installing vise on their benches. More helpful tips along with explanatory photos are coming from Charles V., who also used our tail vise to build his workbench.

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