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12 Jun. 2001

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Popular woods for making toys are maple, walnut, poplar, ash, beech and birch, just to name a few. Some woods are known to cause allergic reactions through inhalation of the wood dust or contact with the eyes and in some cases through contact with the skin.
Metal is significantly harder than wood which can be very useful when this strength is needed like an axle for a vehicle or a hook for a crane. Most woodworkers will admit that it is a time consuming chore but sanding is an often overlooked necessity. There are a lot of different glues out there, but for the purpose of making toys carpenters glue, also known as yellow glue, is probably the best solution. The options for finishing wood are endless but not all are a good choice for toys and all but a few exceptions have to be tested for lead content. Wooden toys have been an excellent choice for kids of all ages for many generations and even if they have been pushed out of sight by products made from more modern materials they have never lost their place in children’s hearts. Content provided on this site is for entertainment or informational purposes only and should not be construed as medical or health, safety, legal or financial advice. Whether you are an avid crafter or simply a lover of the quality and beauty that comes with buying handmade – this round-up is for you! Beautifully designed and handmade from sustainable wood, cork, and leather, I love the nostalgic appeal this toy has.

A great project for beginners, wait till you see the other PDF tutes and kits available in this shop! Made of maple wood, this sweet little teether can also be made as a shaker (just convo the seller), and makes the perfect addition to any Easter basket! This is an instant Download for a crochet pattern and promises instant kisses and cuddles for Easter! Made of organic wood, this soft, smooth baby rattle and teether makes the perfect gift for tender little hands and mouths. It’s cheap and widely available but in my opinion it is not the right material for making toys. Hardwoods have a higher density and are therefore better suited for applications where a high resistance to wear and tear is needed, like flooring and (you guessed it) toys. Some species of wood are beautiful and strong but have other attributes that make them unsuitable for making toys. However, its hardness makes it also less forgiving when it collides with a child and the risk of injury is greater. It creates a very strong bond, sometimes stronger than the wood itself, and it is non-toxic.
However, if left unfinished they are going to become unsightly very quickly as any kind of dirt, natural oils from the skin, ketchup, drool and anything else found around kids will soak into the wood and stain it permanently.

If breakage does occur it is vital that the toy be removed immediately and inspected for sharp edges or splinters. Consider wooden toys when you go shopping for your kids this Christmas and they will surely thank you for it. I personally don’t like to use oak for example because it has very open pores which is not very helpful when creating small details.
Even though hardwoods are more expensive they are the better choice in creating lasting and safe toys. A skillfully made wooden toy might cost more than the throwaway plastic version but your child can build a lasting relationship with the toy and when grown out of it, it will surely make the next generation of kids happy.
But there are some toys that are more rare and we don’t really know what to look for when judging if they are worth the money. In the following article I will try to outline some of the aspects of wooden toys, what makes them good, safe, and worth the money. Of course this is my personal opinion and it might be biased by the fact that I am one of those small toy manufacturers but first and foremost I am a father and I want my son to have fun and safe toys.

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