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08 Jan. 1995

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Comfort – The ventilation provided by a Range Hood helps to keep your kitchen cool and in turn provides relief for the cook! Style – Range Hoods provide a stylish element to any kitchen and can be designed to complement the layout and features of the cabinetry and other appliances, or alternatively stand out as the focal point of the room. Range Hoods also help you cut down on the amount of time you will have to spend cleaning as proper ventilation helps to avoid the buildup of grease and moisture from cooking, ultimately making your home a safer environment by preventing the growth of bacteria and mold and also keeping your kitchen cabinets looking new for years to come. See our online catalog specifications to learn more about all of WalzCraft’s Range Hood Series Designs.
WalzCraft recommends any of our available Range Hood Series, each unique in design and available in many sizes. Various Range Hood Series are more complex in design and include or can be ordered with additional Accent Components. Many Range Hood Series can be ordered with an additional option for a Removable Exhaust Fan Access Panel. With other Range Hood Series designs, the entire top section of the Range Hood serves as the Removable Panel and provides for easy access to ventilation and duct work.
All Range Hood Series are pre-engineered and available with optional Blower & Ventilation Packages which can be purchased in addition to Range Hoods. For more information on all of WalzCraft’s Range Hood Series, please contact our Customer Support Team or visit our online catalog specifications here.
WalzCraft sells only to Custom Cabinet Makers, Cabinet Refacers and Woodworking Professionals.

If your range is in a location that makes it difficult to install the ducting necessary to vent the steam and odor saturated air to the outside, you may need a re-circulating range hood.
Kitchen Bath and Beyond designers created this Innovative solution to the cold steel appearance of a recirculating range hood. A properly vented Range Hood whisks away smoke, grease, steam, and carbon monoxide, keeping your cabinets and walls much cleaner and providing protection to you by filtering the air.
As always, our variety allows you to work around each project’s requirements with many Range Hood Series allowing for custom widths, depths and heights.
WalzCraft recommends a price quote when customizing any hood as the complexity of the modification will affect pricing. Various Range Hood Series integrate a shelf, typically included in the price of the range hood. With these Range Hood designs, the Center Panel serves as the Removable Access Panel and an Applied Molding is used to cover the panel and complete the look. If is your responsibility to ensure that the Range Hood, Liner and Ventilator do meet your local building code standards.
It is important to also wipe down the range hood surfaces regularly to avoid grease buildup. Many of our Range Hood Series accommodate a standard ceiling height as noted in our specifications catalog.
Please contact our Customer Support Team to learn more about Base and Chimney Molding choices for all of WalzCraft’s Range Hoods.

Some styles also allow for the addition of Corbels, which must be ordered in addition to the Range Hood itself.
These types of Removable Panels are an integrated part of the Range Hood design (no additional charge) and are simply held in place with clips. For Range Hoods prefinished by WalzCraft, our recommendation is to use a cloth and mild detergent mixed in warm water for cleaning. In some cases this metal can stick out of your new kitchen cabinet style like a sore thumb giving it a cold steel look rather than the warm inviting look you were trying to implement. In addition, for applicable Range Hood designs, the chimney can be trimmed or ordered with an extension to accommodate conflicting ceiling heights.
For the most intricate Range Hood Series, an optional Spice Rack (See W-Series Range Hood Specifications here) can be built into the lower cabinet (not included in the Range Hood price). The clean air is then recirculated back into the kitchen through vents located at the bottom of the cabinet. This creative solution was recently implemented during a kitchen remodeling project for a Tampa family.
They wanted to preserve their kitchen cabinet style across the range hood and eliminate that cold steel look.

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