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Throughout the years, museum visitors, historians, model builders and collectors have traveled to OHS to admire Collins' remarkably detailed work in related exhibits, original plans and working drawings. He realized that these vehicles being of perishable material, were fast disappearing, and he never went for a drive without keeping an eye out for the rotting remains of a wagon. Before the days of television commercials and neon signs, and before the development of colour printing, one of the principal advertising mediums was the business wagon. Union Oil, Standard Oil and many other petroleum firms once hauled their products in horse-drawn tank wagons, carrying coal oil for lamps and stoves and machine oil to the livery stables for the conditioning of wagons and carriages.
The ten-passenger carriage was popular with owners of large estates, serving as a station wagon.
Options: Antique style wheel rub brake, hydraulic brakes, bows, canvas and chuck box, wood wheel finished in rubber. The wagon comes with a hardwood-built body including the single horse shaves, and it can be finished with a clear coat, stained, and clear coated in our new western finish or just painted the color of your choice. Chuckwagons can be made new like this one pictured or made up from a used standard box wagon that we stock. Wood constructed body, reinforced with steel, cut-under design for ease and safety in turning.
Wood constructed body, reinforced with steel, cut under design for ease and safety in turning. ELLIPTICAL SPRINGS are carriage springs made up of sets of over-lapping steel plates hinged together. The wagon can be finished with a clear coat or stained and clear coated in a western finish or just painted a color of your choice. You only have to change out 4 bolts and move wagonette body to interchange from bobsled to rubber tire gear. The wagon can be finished with a clear coat or stained and clear coated, in our new western finish or a paint of your choice.
All Horse Drawn fore carts and wagon gears are powder coated, so not only will you have a quality product, but also one with a beautiful finish. Body: Slatted floor of round edged boards, framed with hardwood, steel-reinforced, natural wood finish.

Features: Wood dash, storage compartments on dash, storage trunk with brass trim under passenger seat. All Horse Drawn fore carts and wagon gears are powder coated, so not only will you have a quality product but also one with a beautiful finish.
All fore carts and wagon gears are powder coated, so not only will you have a quality product, but also one with a beautiful finish. All fore carts and wagon gears are powder coated, so not only will you have a quality product but also one with a beautiful finish. Few vehicles were of greater significance than the Farm Wagon, in an era when small farms played an important role in America's economy.
I remember that he spent one whole Sunday experimenting with the weighting of the doors for the dump wagon so that they would come up precisely when operated by the winch, the left one coming up first and the right one just behind it so that it would overlap.
It is a copy, reconstructed from memory, of one of the wagons on the Collins ranch in eastern Oregon. Notes for the model, which was completed in 1947, were taken from a wagon located in Los Angeles, California.
Delivery wagons often served the dual purpose of utility and traveling advertisement, but many firms whose services did not require the use of a wagon operated attractive and colourfully decorated vehicles solely to bring their service or product to the attention of the public.
Collins made notes for the model, which was finished in 1944, from an oil tank wagon owned by 20th Century Fox.
Invented by Obadiah Elliott of England, in 1804, the springs revolutionized carriage building for the first time, allowing construction without using heavy wooden or iron bars to connect and brace front and rear axles. The Farm Wagons design was both simple and utilitarian, making it sturdy enough for heavy loads over rural roads and dependable enough for everyday use. Collins drafted the plans for the model from the last Holman wagon, which he found in Shaniko, Oregon. This wagon was used to transport women to the orchards to pack pears during the harvest season. They all have the same heavy duty wood body with steel frame, cut-under design for ease and safety in turning.
These stage coaches, farm wagons, hearses, milk delivery wagons, open-air carriages, and a wide range of other vehicles were built to exacting one-eighth scale by Ivan Collins, whose meticulous and important work is housed at the Oregon Historical Society.

A number of rollers in a line could be used, but a better answer was to mount the roller on an axle attached to the load, or to a platform that carried the load. Later, at home, he would convert these field drawings to shop drawings from which he made blueprints, and these he used to build the wagons.
Two-wheel carts were soon used all over the world and, before long, an additional set of wheels and an axle were used to make a wagon out of the cart.Before 1860, most farm wagons were hand-built by blacksmiths, wheelwrights and carpenters.
To meet the huge demand for military vehicles during the Civil War, wagon factories were established. Most manufacturers switched production from military to civilian vehicles, making wagons for every purpose from city milk delivery to carrying a pioneer family across the Rocky Mountains.A wagon consists of the running gear and one or more styles of interchangeable beds. A vertical bolster stake at each end of the bolster keeps the wagon bed from sliding sideways on the bolster.Front wheels are normally smaller in diameter than the rear wheels, as the smaller wheels can be turned farther before hitting the bed. A wooden wagon wheel is dished (made slightly conical) to provide additional strength in resisting the lateral forces on the wheel at the axle.The wheel hub is turned out of a solid block of well-seasoned hardwood, while the spokes are made of white oak or hickory and mortised into the hub. Most wagon makers soaked wheel parts in boiling linseed oil before any irons were put on to make them moisture-proof.
The wooden axle is sometimes reinforced by a steel truss rod or strap.Each wheel spoke, as it comes into a vertical position under the hub, supports the weight of the wagon and its load and must be vertical in order to gain the most strength.
To make the wheel run evenly on the skein when the wagon is drawn forward, the outer end of the skein is set forward a little, giving it forward gather (toe in). A matching bolster plate on the underside of the front bolster pivots on the sand board plate.
Heavy circular bosses and grooves around the king bolt hole on the upper and lower bolster plates help keep the bolster in position on top of the sand board.A king bolt goes down through the front bolster, the bolster plates, the sand board and the front axle to allow the front axle to steer, while the front bolster stays aligned with the bed.

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