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02 Jul. 2011

Wooden coffin box plans,free project plans for kreg jig,northern tool conroe - Reviews

You can sprinkle flour and debris over the coffin to give it an ancient appearance, and throw in some fake cobwebs to make it look extra scary. This design can be enlarged (for a plus-size coffin) or made smaller (for a pet coffin, for instance) by scaling it up or down. Plywood is fine for a holiday prop, but if you want to make a coffin for "graver" purposes, you'll probably want to make it out of real wood. Use shelf paper or some other large sheets of paper (the plain white back of gift wrap or newspaper end rolls can work if you're on a budget), and tape the pieces together so that you have one sheet that is large enough to hold the design for the "footprint" of the coffin. The sides of the coffin will be 1' high, so take one of the 4' X 8' plywood panels and cut it lengthwise into four 1' X 8' pieces (you'll need three of these to make the sides).

Clamp your paper template over the remaining 4' X 8' sheet of plywood, so that the vertex of the widest point of the coffin touches the edge. Note that this is not the template for the base, which will be slightly smaller, but rather it is the template for the coffin with the side panels secured to the outside edges of the base. Place the base over what is left of the 4' X 8' sheet of plywood so that it fits entirely on top of the wood.
Otherwise, attach a piano hinge to one of the long edges of the coffin, and attach the hinge to the lid. This template allows you to obtain the correct measurements for the sides of the coffin and the correct angles at which to cut the sides.

For example, the panel at the "head" of the coffin should be 24" (2') wide, and the edges should be cut at 53 degree angles. If you wish to line the inside of the coffin with drapery or other fabric, you needn't worry about staining the inside.

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