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Q: I love my wooden cutting board, but I keep hearing that to avoid food-borne illness I should be using plastic instead. And after you cut animal products on a wooden board, you have to wash it using hot water, strong soap or a dilute bleach solution, and a disposable dishcloth (no sponges — they retain bacteria and can add it to the board). A mini anterior surgery means the surgeon uses a 4-inch incision to go in from the front (anterior), without cutting through your large hip muscles. So don’t forget to discuss all these choices with your doctor in the weeks BEFORE you head to the OR.
Titebond II (blue label) passes the ANSI Type II water resistance specification, and it’s a fine glue to use on cutting boards. A consistently well-cleaned, not-deeply scarred wooden cutting board made from a fine-grained hardwood is safe to use.
Wood boards do have antibacterial properties, but they may absorb bacteria that can live for a few hours below the wood’s surface, even after washing.
But once the plastic surface becomes scored or cut, it’s a great bacteria magnet — and a plastic board gets cut up pretty quickly. And while some forms of that plastic may leach hormone disruptors, there’s no proof it does so in this hardened state. You need to have a detailed conversation with your surgeon about the parts and surgical technique that will be used and with your anesthesiologist about the options available to manage pain and awareness during surgery.

Although it’s much less risky than it used to be, post-anesthesia cognitive problems remain a concern, particularly for the elderly.
Here’s the list of common cutting board types and how to clean each of them:Wood Cutting Boards (maple, oak, cherry, walnut, etc)By far the most popular material for cutting boards, most wooden boards are either made up of glued flat grail or end blocks of wood.
Woods like purple heart, bubinga, satinwood, guatambu, jatoba, canarywood, curupay, bloodwood, afrormosia, shedua, wenge, coyote, ipe, goncalo alves, and many more all have vivid color and rock solid properties for long lasting cutting boards. One of the advantages to the poly is that you get a longer open time, and for a gluing a cutting board that’s nice to have.
The best woods to use include bamboo, which is particularly impervious, as well as maple, walnut, cherry, teak, ash and birch.
We say it’s your call on the risks of this plastic, but we know that some — like the polyethylene terephthalate used to make clear plastic bottles— are worth staying clear of. The main reason you should never place a wooden board into your dishwasher is that the prolonged exposure to heat and water will cause your cutting board to warp and crack. Surgeons may opt for a lateral or posterior incision, however, especially if you’ve had a prior hip replacement, are obese, very muscular or have a wide pelvis.
Not only will it be difficult to chop on a warped board, but cracks are a breeding ground for bacteria, mold and other microbes that feed on trapped food particles and water.The safe and proper way to clean a cutting board is to wash it like any regular dish, using plenty of hot water (the hotter, the better), soap and mechanical scrubbing (aka “put your elbow into it!”).
If the board has been exposed to raw meat, then after you’re done washing, use a sanitizing solution of 1 part vinegar, 4 parts water and wipe the board down, then pat dry.

If you want to be extra sure, then the USDA Recommendation is to soak your board in a solution of 1 tablespoon of bleach per gallon of water for a few minutes, then dry it with paper towels.The key is to make sure to keep your board dry when not in use, as bacteria cannot grow without water. If you have a prized walnut and maple cutting board or even just a battered plank of pine wood, keeping it dry will also prevent it from cracking, so don’t let it soak in the sink along with your other dishes even before you are going to wash!Plastic Cutting BoardsThe major benefit of plastic boards are that you can put plastic cutting boards in the dishwasher, as they will not warp or crack (minus the thin plastic sheets). This is actually the recommended method for plastic cutting boards, as there is generally more knife scarring with plastic boards, which lead to more nooks and crannies for bacteria to hide in.The other option if a dish washer isn’t available or preferred, is to clean with hot water and soap as usual, then dunk your board in bleach or vinegar sanitizing solution for a few minutes.
Unlike a wood board, you can leave your plastic board in for as long as you want, though 5 minutes is probably all you need to make sure that it’s properly sanitized.Glass Cutting BoardsSimilar to plastic, glass boards can also be put into the dish washer, given that glass is a tough material that will not warp. Bamboo boards are made using a special method that requires a fair amount of glue and pressure treatment to flatten the bamboo, which in turn makes them especially vulnerable to the heat and water inside a dish washer. If you put a bamboo board in the dish washer, don’t be surprised if you eventually need a new one.That said, bamboo cutting boards are extremely tough and dense otherwise compared to most hardwoods, so a little bit of TLC with a bamboo board will go a long way!

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