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22 Apr. 1987

Wood tenon cutter,large rustic dining table plans,simple deck bench woodworking plans,band saw woodworking plans - Review

Note: The tenon cutter with diameter 35 mm has a 16 mm shank which is too big for a standard 13 mm drill chuck.
This tool works very well to fill loose or broken knots in wood or to repair damaged spots. Important: To use the plug cutter, one needs to use a drill press and to clamp the wood firmly, as there is no pilot bit to guide the cutter. For anyone building rustic furniture, the Veritas aluminum-body tenon cutters will cut smooth, perfect tenons with radiused shoulders.
The traditional rustic look fit of joints made with the Veritas Standard Tenon Cutter appears even more natural, when the corresponding holes are tapered with the Veritas Taper Reamer.
All sizes have a straight blade that cuts a 60 ° shoulder tenon (not a radiused shoulder tenon as on the larger sizes).
To make simple, fast work of mortise-and-tenon joinery, this system uses power tenon cutters and matching countersinks to produce strong flush-fitting joints in round or dimensioned stock.

To shape the tenon socket to match the tenon shoulder, Veritas offers two sizes of countersinks, each with interchangeable bushings sized to match our tenon cutters. These cutters produce a symmetrical tenon with a 60° tapered shoulder that fits neatly in a countersunk socket.
You can also make your own side-grain plugs, perfectly matched, from the wood of your choice. Cutters are designed to run vibration-free while being driven by an electric drill, yet still yield the same accuracy when used with a hand brace. The cutters produce a symmetrical tenon with a 60° tapered shoulder that fits neatly in a countersunk socket. But, for instance when you must drill near a very small or loose knot, or in splintered wood, where the drill bit might wander, it is better to use a drill press, like with the plug cutter. The blade is adjustable to cut the exact size of tenon required in both dry and green wood.

The main blade shapes the tenon and shoulder, while a finishing blade smoothes the tenon to a consistent diameter and cuts a slight relief at the base of the shoulder to ensure it seats flush. The anodized body has been balanced to eliminate vibration and an integral level vial makes in-line cutting more accurate. The finishing blade's cutting depth is adjustable, so you can fine-tune the tenon diameter for close fit.

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