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01 Jun. 2001

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Another method is to mount the mailbox sideways to have the flat surface facing upwards for cooking and the front lid to swivel sideways like a traditional woodstove. Just a few days before this post popped up I had just written a post about burner building on my blog..
We looked around at a lot of small stoves to heat our 33′ 5th wheel trailer here in the California mountains. It took about 2 months to finally find this stove, and it’s been absolutely perfect for us.
Oh, they also sell a *smaller* stove called the Pipsqueak if you really need something tiny.
Many years ago, Mother Earth News (when they were not so political), They sold plans for a hotwater tank wood stove. I’ve never burned a building down, never caught a rug, curtains, wall, floor or any other portion of a building on fire.

It’s virtually free (with the exception of the time it takes to gather and prepare your wood).
If you have built a homemade wood stove or have ideas not mentioned here, please share your story in the comments below. Wood stoves are ideal for tiny and small homes because they can be heated quickly and don’t take an excessive amount of wood to do so. If you haven’t, or would prefer to build one yourself, here are a couple of alternative traditional wood stove ideas. Be sure there is absolutely zero propane remaining in the tank before you even consider using the tank as a wood stove. This method is good if you’d like to place the stove on bricks or something similar because no legs are required. A small grate can be added inside to keep the wood off the bottom and allow air to flow through.

The pipe fitting can be mounted to the back of the box or the top which requires less room for the stove inside your home. Please be sure to also check out our other posts on how to build a rocket stove and a rocket stove water heater too.And check out BCoutdoorsurvival's YouTube channel and website (The Outdoor Adventure) for more DIY projects for the outdoors enthusiasts ranging from making your own snow shoes to planning a survival trip.
This allows the wood stove to be mounted close to the wall to save space and also the curvature of the tank is above the door so smoke can continue to draw upwards while the door is open.

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