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04 Feb. 1988

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This system will help you build a wood steaming system for making canoes to rocking chairs.
The heating element electrical connections must be enclosed in a waterproof box at the end of the "T" area of the santee and have a cord with a grounded plug and wire (green wire) grounded at both ends of the cord. Having a water supply to feed the system without interrupting the heating and steaming process makes all the difference. Note, never move the steam system when plugged in (in use), keep safety your biggest project!
This system will show you how PVC can be used to boil water and make steam for your steam box.
The PVC is in the form of three main parts, a (90) degree fitting at the bottom for the inlet of the water supply, a (T) fitting or santee (sanitary fitting) in the middle with the heating element attached and third, a 14” straight section on top with the steam hose attached to provide steam to the steam box, this is the riser.
You want a box that will stand up to the water, hold the heat, and move steam from back to front in an even flow.

It should be noted here that other woods will work just fine, woods as cedar and Cyprus, but they cost a lot more. This makes it easy to roll out of the way and store when not in use and when you are ready to steam some wood, you can roll it right over to the job area. This give the steam box the upward tilt at the front for good steam flow form back to front.
Being portable and moving it close to the job means that when removing wood from the steam box, you lose less heat and bending time is extended, seconds count at this point.
The steam box must also be set at a slight angle to induce good steam flow from back to front inside the box, the back side of the box sets lower then the front. The legs can be of any length, but they should be tall enough so it is easy to add water to the supply tank when necessary and to have good access to the steam box door and the wood being steamed. It also give you a bit or room for not refilling the tank if you're in the midst of bending a piece of wood when the water level reaches the bottom mark, this helps protect the electrical element and still give you lots of steam until you can add water to the supply tank.

This tilt helps keep the condensate to the back where the drain hole is and off the wood being steamed.
To steam wood in a box it is necessary to keep the wood up as close to the top of the box as possible; this is where the heat and steam are. However, if you seal ALL the holes, the box becomes a steam bomb.One of the ways to prevent this is to not use latches or locks on the door.
What you want here is a steam box that is safe and will not fall apart after a few uses, while giving you good bendable wood time after time.

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