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08 Oct. 2007

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Adding a spline to a standard miter joint increases the strength and can add a nice visual touch as well.
The cradle keeps the box at a consistent angle and allows you to set the height of the blade for the size of the spline. If you don’t have the tools to make your own spline stock you will need to purchase thin stock and alter the thickness of your spline cuts to fit your wood (by using a datto blade, or making multiple passes over the table saw). When choosing the stock for your splines think about what you want the finished box to look like.
Once you have the kerfs cut through the miters and your spline material is cut to thickness, all that is left to do is glue the pieces into place. Post your projects & plansShare your projects and plans with others in the Start Woodworking community. This simple recipe box features mitered corners that are reinforced with beautiful contrasting splines.
In a previous project plan, I showed you how to build a simple tablesaw jig that allows you to cut slots for corner splines in boxes. The basic box is built of a tropical hardwood called sapele, and the lid lift and splines are maple.
The piece of walnut on the left is correct for a hidden spline, while the cherry on the right should be used for a decorative spline instead.

To make faux dovetails you will need a jig to hold the box at a 45 degree angle (same as for cutting the splines) while you route a slot using a dovetail bit. For those who are interested in this site check out the links and feel free to sign up for my newsletter Wood Shop News. Please note: woodworking is potentially dangerous please read my disclaimer before using any information on this site or any site you may be directed to from here. I use a handmade cradle that holds the wood at a 45-degree angle as I run it over the table saw. You want the splines to be tight enough to need a tap or two to seat them, but not so tight you have to pound them into place. You can either make the splines disappear by using the same wood as the box, or you can use the splines as a decorative element. In part two, I'll show you how to put your sled to use, as we construct a recipe box that features easy mitered corners and contrasting splines that actually reinforce the joinery and look just great.
I cut the kerfs for the splines on my table saw using the jig to the left, but it can also be done using a router with a similar jig. This is the same principle as miter and decorative spline, except you cut a dovetail shaped slot and fit in a dovetail "key" rather than a spline.
Rip your spline material close to the thickness you need, then use the drum sander to bring it to the exact size of the kerf.

The goal here is to have the slot as deep as possible without cutting off too much material.When cutting the splines for this type of miter it's important to pay attention to the grain direction. Make a cut that is smaller than your finished dovetail, but that will hog out as much wood as possible.
You can also use plywood for the bottom of your box and glue it into place (if you use solid wood for a bottom, don't glue it or you will have problems with wood movement). Your spline needs to be also, otherwise it can split right along the miter and that rather defeats the purpose.
That said, these box sides are pretty small, so you could certainly use your miter gauge, with a good sturdy wood fence screwed to it, to make these cuts. Rather than trying to route too much at once, start with your straight bit to get rid of the majority of the material.Once you have routed your "dovetails" you need to make a matching key. To cut the key keep your dovetail bit at the same height and route on both sides of a long strip of wood (be careful with feed direction when doing this). I taped the small handle to a larger piece of wood and put it up on end, then used the bandsaw to carefully cut the slot, but you could also do this with a simple handsaw.

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