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23 Oct. 1997

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Manufactured prefinished paneling is a 4x8 sheet product that is available in various thicknesses. The quality of sheet paneling is determined by the thickness of the sheet, and by the quality and type of each layer of veneer.
While paneling can be treated to reduce moisture absorption and warping, it is best to protect paneling from moisture per the manufacturers instructions for any type of installation. I had a good long phone conversation about real wood paneling with Bill Powell, head of marketing for States Industries. It was nice to meet you via the phone this morning and to be made aware of your site and your “defense of paneling” blog. Although States is known more today for industrial hardwood plywood, we actually began in 1966 as a wall paneling manufacturer.
Some of the angst you identified is due to the success paneling enjoyed in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. You know, since launching my newest leetle blog, Knotty is Nice, I have been paying more attention to the wood paneling, ceilings and beams that I see in photographs that readers send me of midcentury houses. So just shut yer pie holes, all you wood paneling haters who *can not bear to live with it*.
This paneling had the exact look I was going for: whitewashed wood with neutral tones of white, gray and tan.

The paneling is thin enough that it will bend a little bit to slip into place between the floor and ceiling. Make sure you also measure for the electrical outlets before you adhere the paneling to the wall.
Once you have all the paneling up, you can use some white caulk to fill in the gaps between the paneling boards if they’re noticeable.
He sent me several samples of the paneling that I thought would be of greatest interest to Retro Renovators.
It is good to know there are realists who recognize that there is a place for quality paneling products. The more popular paneling became, the more competitive the market became, and manufacturers outdid each other to produce lower and lower price points and consequently lower quality and something less than beautiful product. I found this seemingly excellent company — Decorative Panels International, which makes a large variety of wood paneling. A perfect fit in virtually every part of your home, DPI wall paneling allows you to achieve looks and performance comparable to ceramic tile, wall paper, wood wall paneling and even stone and brick masonry – at a fraction of the cost! I have shipped you samples of six of our traditional paneling designs including American Cherry.
The reason that only States Industries and Murphy are still producing natural wood veneered plywood paneling is that prices for those products are 25% to 40% higher than synthetic faced, composite cored products.

But let me just say this: Our Dads and Grandpas and in some cases our Moms and Grandmas, put up wood paneling because they were very very cautious with their money. All of our paneling is made with soy based, no-added-formaldehyde adhesives, and many are available FSC Certified. They would frame interior walls, add electric and maybe some insulation and then Cover the Walls with Wood Paneling. Installing wood paneling was way easier than putting up and taping drywall — Dad could do the paneling all his own, no problem. I asked Tim if he thought I would be able to tell the difference between DPI’s printed cherry paneling (for example) and veneered cherry paneling.
This, along with their focus on environmentally sensitive manufacturing (their processes use minimal solvents, so there is zero or minimal offgassing of the paneling), means the have made major inroads in terms of being stocked at the big box stores like Home Depot, Lowes and Menards, he said.

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