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10 Nov. 1999

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The job started in the garage where Paul built a base on which he could mount the sawmill rails. Similar in overall design to Wood-Mizer’s industrial WM3500 sawmill, the WM4000 features are more heavy duty and more productive in almost every way, making it an ideal solution to add to an existing sawmill operation or to launch a new one. Hydraulics – The hydraulic system on the WM4000 is both faster and larger than any Wood-Mizer mill (15HP motor and 15GPM output) resulting in faster and more powerful log handling and more overall through put. The WM4000 now commands the flagship status as Wood-Mizer’s most productive thin-kerf headrig on the market, while still offering the low cost of ownership and providing larger profit margins that Wood-Mizer has historically offered the lumber industry. The WM4000 is designed to work as the principal breakdown saw in Wood-Mizer’s line of industrial wood processing equipment.

This super-portable powerhouse will take on any size project, dream, or lumber demand, no matter where your sawing takes you. I still use my circular saw mill that I bought new in 1973, a Bellsaw with a 42″ blade. The new deluxe joysticks control all sawing and log handling functions, and feature proportional hydraulic speed control.
To name a few right off the top I'd start with the fact that they are slow, hard on the chain saw and not very efficient with the wood. Most of the large timbers for building our barn were milled right in the woods where the trees were felled.

Our log home in Montana and our current timberframe barn are the main structures in which we have used the Alaskan chainsaw mill. Instead of the sawyer overshooting either end of the log, the sawhead knows how far to cut, and where to return to, and as a result spends more time sawing.
Some are able to purchase lumber mills of varous types and have a mechanical means of transporting heavy logs to the mill.

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