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March 3, 2011 By radmegan 6 Comments Recently, my aunt gave me four Staghorn Ferns that were the trimmings off of a larger plant. After creating my nest of moss, I set the fern on top of it, pressed it down with an open palm, and wrapped my copper wire around the plant and the backboard. As promised, here’s the more detailed scoop on how we got our pristine store-bought whitewood from Home Depot to look worn and aged on our completed console.
Truth be told, I used to think making wood look old was cheesy, but you did such an awesome job that I may just change my mind. Credit CenterSpecial Financing Available Everyday* See Offer & Details Make a Payment Get It InstalledThe Home Depot makes home installation and repair easy.
Other options- just take a walk around the store for inspiration, textures, shapes and sizes of all kinds of wood! Always be careful with your transactions (meeting up with people from online!) and be careful that you inspect the wood thoroughly before you hand over any money or load it up! Don’t forget to use mobile, newspaper, and home mailing coupons to buy things at these stores!

Stick shaped driftwood may not work, but I’ve come across several great pieces of wood that have washed up along the beach that were perfect for signs. For starters, I picked out as many pieces of wood from Home Depot that already had flaws or interesting details to them – knots, chips, dark stripes, whatever.
After sanding it down again it really started to look like the wood was slightly rotted, just like some of the spots on the pallets that we couldn’t use (more on that here). And for more of that varied and timeworn feeling, Sherry tag-teamed the boards with two different stain colors – Ebony (which we picked up for $4 in a tiny can at Home Depot) and Dark Walnut (which we already owned and had used for staining the bottom of the console). We thought the dark walnut would help it relate to the bottom of the console (as well as some of the other dark woods in the room) while the ebony would be a closer match the the gray pallet boards that originally inspired us. People are starting to catch on to the barnwood craze and are smartly making some cash off of their old wood.
Use your old wood you’re tearing out or scraps from new projects to make new signs, or ask your friends, neighbors, family what they are doing with theirs and if you can have some. There is almost always a great discount to be had from a coupon if wood items aren’t on sale.

I have seen small Staghorns growing in pots, but I tend to think that if a plant grows a certain way in nature, I should do my best to mimic that growing environment in my garden. Definitely avoid food related pallets and read more about dangers and precautions and lots of other pallet wood tips at Funky Junk Interiors. They say that they charge after a few cuts, but I have never ever been charged at any Home Depot I’ve ever visited- your experience could vary. I might be able to do some plant detective work on it… My mom had a few staghorns croak when some slugs and snails got into the moss and started eating it from the inside out.

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