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21 Dec. 1989

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Good to KnowFor comfort and safety, use knee pads, a soft pad or a towel under your knees when installing flooring. CautionIf you are installing laminate flooring over a concrete subfloor, a moisture barrier is required. Place the flooring materials in the installation room for at least 72 hours prior to installing them so they can acclimate to the temperature and humidity ranges recommended by the manufacturer. Place spacers between the laminate planks and adjacent walls for the manufacturer's recommended expansion gap. Cut the first piece of row two, following the manufacturer's instructions for staggering the joints between rows. To cut the flooring, lay the board on its face (bottom up) and cut with a saw equipped with a fine-tooth blade for flooring. Insert the tongue of the long side of row two into the groove of the first plank of row one.
After you've installed the first two planks of each row, place a weight, like a toolbox or a carton of flooring, on top of the first planks to hold each row in place.
Continue installing the first two rows, locking a plank for row one, then a plank for row two. Continue installing the laminate flooring, staggering the joints at least 12 inches and maintaining the expansion gap. When laying the flooring around obstructions, like floor vents, cabinets or columns, cut the flooring to fit with a jigsaw.
To install the flooring around pipes, you may need to use a jigsaw and wood glue to make the planks fit properly.

Set the smaller piece in place and attach it to the larger plank with wood glue along the cut line(s).
Check the manufacturer's instructions for applying silicone sealant in areas with high moisture levels, such as a bathroom, laundry room or kitchen. Also check the manufacturer’s instructions for applying sealant along kitchen cabinets that house a dishwasher or refrigerator.
Some flooring products have a small plastic tongue in the short side groove of the planks which helps lock the pieces together. Install transition strips at entries and where the floor meets other types of flooring, following manufacturer's instructions.
Keep one or two cartons of your laminate flooring so you can fix any potential problems in the future, like a damaged board. Stagger your plank lengths: if you start one course with a full plank, start the next with a half-plank. Do not wet mop your new floor for at least five days after installation, while adhesive sets. For the beauty of real wood floors combined with the easy maintenance of vinyl flooring, look no further than Luxe Plank luxury vinyl flooring.
The natural beauty of slate flooring and stone are captured in exquisite detail in Alterna and Alterna Reserve luxury vinyl floors.
Luxe Plank brings the natural beauty of hardwood and stone in a waterproof floor that will stand up to high traffic.
People love the fact that luxury vinyl feels warmer and softer underfoot than other hard-surface flooring, like ceramic tile.

The following step-by-step instructions will show you how to install a floating (without adhesive, nails or staples) laminate floor. In addition to installation steps, you'll find information on different types of subfloors and moisture tests. Refer to the video on how to prepare a wood subfloor or the video on how to prepare a concrete subfloor. Typically, you position it along the groove side of the plank, then use a dead blow hammer to tap the plank into place, locking the joint. Browse our helpful articles about flooring types, so you're better informed about your choices. In this video, customer service rep, Joshua, explains how simple it is to install Luxe Plank. The steps below describe laminate flooring installation, but always follow the instructions for your specific flooring. Once the first few rows have been assembled, you can carefully slide the flooring into its final position.

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