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20 Apr. 1994

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Wooden plane handles have been around in one form or another since the invention of the plane some 4000 years ago.
Our front knob should replace the one now on your plane with little or no adaptation required. The only thing left to do is get to work making shavings, with a plane whose handles we hope will please you for many years to come. DID YOU KNOW…Thomas Norris is famous for his highly crafted and beautifully made infill planes. While the various names to describe the parts of hand planes may differ slightly from country to country they are, for the most part, standardized. Chamfer - The finish cut on the edges of the stock to allow the plane to have a more comfortable grip. Boxing - The wear strip of a harder wood, normally boxwood, which is let into the plane's sole in order to make the high points of the sole wear longer.
Fence - The section of the stock which acts as a guide to keep the plane straight as it's worked. Step - The section of the stock which carries the stop It is usually characterized by a molded top which adds a decorative element and helps reduce the plane's overall mass.

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GOAL: To understand the basic anatomy of a hand plane and to introduce the functions of this versatile tool.
It is easily argued that the hand plane has a greater range of capabilities than any other single hand or machine tool. During the past fifty years the handles made for steel bench planes have almost without exception been too small for most adult hands; they squeeze the little and ring fingers, and put too much pressure on the web between thumb and forefinger. You can make the handles feel and look even better, however, by removing the lacquer, sanding the rosewood extremely smooth and applying a custom oil finish. Rosewood is relatively toxic, as woods go, and for some woodworkers it can be highly allergenic. The handle can be shortened by sanding off the bottom of the foot, and by sanding the top of the handle as well. Today we can turn to jointers, thickness planers, shapers, and routers for the hard work of flattening, dimensioning, and shaping.
Strip or sand the finish from both knob and handle, then sand both up to at least 400 grit - 600 grit if you want to indulge yourself.

We still rely on the plane to remove machine marks and to bring parts into perfect alignment, in .001-inch steps. Try to sneak up on a perfect fit; wield your rasp just a few strokes at a time until the handle makes your fingers happy.
If your plane has a short stud cast into the handle mount instead of a screw hole, the stud should fit neatly into the shallow hole drilled between the handle's front & rear screw holes.
The descriptive terminology used by the planemaker's themselves, however, was never standardized per sé, but tend to follow the same general pattern. Just as effectively, you can make a little more room under the top so your hand can move upward slightly without squeezing the thumb web space.

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